Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wee Alien - Part 16: What a Waste of a Good Ship

©Karen A J Rinehart

Abandon ship! Abandon ship! reverberates throughout the Neleh.

Ygg awakens to the sound of alarms going off and sitting up in his sleeping chamber, hits his head on the upper chamber. "What in blazes is that?" he says aloud. Mumbling he gets up and heads for the shutter. Forgetting all about Queen Terrensya, he runs down the corridor to the deck. Still reeling from hitting his head, he walks on deck to find Eyak yelling at the droid.

"That's not the pink button. I said push the pink button. You pushed the red one and now look what you've done. If you had a brain it would be the size of a tang. Oh, you don't have a brain," shouts Eyak.

"Abandon ship! What do you mean abandon ship?" questions Ygg. "Are we really supposed to abandon ship way out here?

"No, says Eyak. "The droid just pushed the wrong button when he was checking the system for landing on Citsym."

"Are we there already?"

"No. Not far now though, says Eyak.

On planet Ostun, Eedyar, Nerak and Wals arrive at the site of the smoke only to find that it is a Thistle on fire. Walking around it and taking a look at it, Eedyar begins to wonder if maybe this ship could get them to Planet Wee.

"Oh, my," says Wals.

"What?", asks Nerak.

"This is a ship from Lala Land. It is used to carry prisoners from there to Planet Ostun. Most prisoners here are serving tricons for a something that Count Leoj deems unimaginable", states Wals.

"Long winded, " says Eedyar "Isn't he?"

"All prisoners must carry a srats to Planet Ostun while on the journey from Lala Land," states Wals. "Once they arrive, the ship and the srats disintegrates, unless the srats is eaten inbound."

"How awful, says Nerak with a tear in his eye.

"Indeed," says Eedyar. "What a waste of a good ship."

"You are an insensitive lout, " states Wals.

"Thank you," says Eedyar. Speaking of meals and srats. I think you would make a great snack before we find our main meal. What do you think Nerak?"

"Oh, leave him alone, Eedyar," says Nerak. "You have no intention of eating Wals. Don't make him feel bad. The little fellow has feelings."

"Do you think this ship could make it to Planet Wee?" asks Eedyar of Wals.

"It's smoking and you have no idea of the damage inside," says Wals.

"Let's take a look," says Eedyar as he walks closer to the Thistle. Remembering the pain in his hand when he touched the adnerb, he touches the side of the Thistle and is quite happy that it isn't hot. Opening the hatch, he finds that the ship hasn't burned inside at all. "What the heck is going on here?" asks Eedyar. "Come look." Nerak and Wals enter the ship and look around. "It isn't burned," says Nerak.

"So, my furry little snack, will it make it to Planet Wee?" says Eedyar.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Rain, A Biography (Saturday Writing Essential)

©Karen A J Rinehart

During the worst of thunderstorms, as lightening filled the sky, the loudest of thunder clapped and amid tornadoes, she was conceived. Arriving on the Kansas prairie just as the sun was peaking through the clouds, they decided to call her, Rain.

Rain was there, while cattle grazed in fields, but she was unable to hear the distant clattering of an old windmill because she was unable to hear. While ripened wheat fields looked as if they were a field of gold, had nothing on her as far as beauty. She stood tall in these fields of gold with one foot here, one foot there, you thought for sure you heard her giggling as a tumbleweed blew past.

The people of the town came to see her and enjoy her beauty. Some even commented that she was absolutely breath taking and compared her beauty to a prism. While others thought, if you'd seen one, you'd seen them all. Everyone knew that Rains time on earth was short but were sad when she began to fade. Then with the blink of an eye, she was gone.

Rain was born on May 10, 2010 at 3:33 p.m. and left this earth at 3:35 p.m. that same day. Her full name was Rainbow and she was the multi colored bow that stretched across the sky.

Challenge: Write the biography of someone; a friend, a famous person, a historical figure, or a fictional character (yours or anyone else’s).

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wee Alien - Part 15: Something is Burning

©Karen A J Rinehart

Ygg jumps up like something just attacked him. "Did you hear that," Ygg asks Eyak.

"No. What was I supposed to hear?" asks Eyak.

"I heard Queen Terrensya's voice," says Ygg shaking.

"Well, what did she say?" asks Eyak.

Ygg didn't respond. He just got up, looked all around and walked to the shutter. Standing before the open shutter, he looks all around him again and slowly but cautiously steps into the corridor. Eyak sat there shaking his head and wondered to himself if Ygg was losing his mind. Queen Terrensya's voice indeed. She wasn't even on the Neleh.

Making his way slowly to the sleeping deck and entering his chamber, Ygg starts shaking as he pulls the drive from his pocket and presses the button. "I want to be back on Planet Wee," he says aloud. No bright green light appears so he shakes it vigorously and this time thinks to himself. Still nothing. "Blasted things must be broken," complains Ygg.

Eedyar climbs to the top of the rocks and takes a look around. There is absolutely nothing as far as he can see. Looking in all directions, the only thing that catches his eye is some smoke way off in the distance.

"The Trab are at it again, Nerak," shouts Eedyar.

"What?" asks Nerak.

"The Trab are at it again," repeats Eedyar.

"There's something burning in the distance." Wals scurries up the rocks to take a look, with Nerak close behind.

"Wals can't see smoke," says Wals.

"Look to the Irf," says Eedyar.

"I see it. There," says Nerak as he points in the direction of the smoke.

"Wals thinks something is burning," states Wals. Eedyar just shakes his head in disbelief.

"Do you think we should check it out?" asks Nerak.

"Wals thinks it is too far away," complains Wals.

"I don't know, Nerak. Perhaps we should. Maybe there is food there," says Eedyar.

"Let's go. I'm starving," says Nerak.

"Wals doesn't want to go," whines Wals.

"Did we ask you to go?" Eedyar says with a coldness in his voice.

"But, Wals will be lonely if you go without Wals," whines Wals.

"Muzzle that Srats, Nerak and lets start out for that smoke," says Eedyar. Nerak picks Wals up and puts him in his pocket as they set out for the smoke.

"Great," states Wals. "Ignore Wals and bad things are going to happen."

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wee Alien - Part 14: Ygg Tests the Beamer

©Karen A J Rinehart

Ygg sits and looks at the pretty bright green light that is hovering near where Eyak was sitting when the shutter bursts open and in walks Eyak carrying a plate of food. "What is your problem," questions Eyak.

"I was hungry and I just thought of food and pressed the button," replies Ygg.

"If you were thinking of food, why did I find myself in the galley?"

"Well, I was thinking it would be nice if you would get me something to eat," responded Ygg.

"You what?" asked Eyak. Ygg decided that it would be better to show Eyak than to try to explain it to him any longer. Putting his hand in his pocket, Ygg pushed the button while thinking of Eyak getting him something to eat. The bright green light appeared and poof, Eyak was gone again.

Entering with another round of food, Eyak walked over to Ygg and said, "So, you are hungry, you poor starving little wee. Here, have something to eat." Eyak poured the food all over Ygg and told him to stop playing with the device. Ygg sat there pouting.

Looking out the viewer, Eyak realizes they are passing over planet Ostun. Turning towards Ygg, he says, "I really think we should have started with Ostun first. It is closer to Lala Land and it's the obvious place they would be."

"You always want to be right," whines Ygg. "I never get to be right."

"You are wrong most of the time, Ygg," says Eyak.

"That is only because you think I'm always wrong," says Ygg.

"Are you going to whine our entire pirt?" questions Eyak.

"No. At this point in time, I'm going to pout and have something to eat. Want some?" Eyak ignores Ygg and takes one last look at planet Ostun and shakes his head in disbelief.

Queen Terrensya senses that something isn't right. She places Taranis, her oosh, on the naved and leaves for her secret room. Arriving there she inserts her gold ring and the door opens slowly. Entering she notices that the emerald is flashing in the crown and walks over to take a closer look. "Ygg," she says. "Whatever am I going to do with you?" Pressing the pearl below the emerald she says, "You must not use the device for personal gain." The green gem stops flashing and the queen exits the room and returns to Taranis. "Come, Taranis. You must be famished."

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wee Alien - Part 13: Lednew meets a Redips

©Karen A J Rinehart

Wanting to work on the ship, Eedyar walks over and touches it to see if it's cooled down after the trab baked it. "Ow," says Eedyar aloud. "The adnerb is still hot. How long before it cools down?" Walking away from the ship and back to the safety of the rocks grumbling, "It will be bicons before it cools down."

Nerak and Wals search for food without much luck, when something catches Nerak's eye. "What was that, Wals?"

"What? Where? I didn't see anything, says Wals.

"Over there by that rock," says Nerak. "It looks like a Srats."

"Can't be," says Wals. "Srats don't live on this planet." It's obvious to Wals that there can't possibly be any other Srats because there doesn't seem to be anything to eat and there certainly isn't any fruit.

"There must be something we can eat somewhere, Wals," says Nerak. Wals just shrugs his shoulders and follows Nerak back to the adnerb. Both are hungry and really dejected because they were unable to find anything.

Arriving at the adnerb, they find Eedyar fast asleep in the rocks. "Wakey, wakey," says Wals as he runs up and down on Eedyar and jumps from a rock right in the middle of his stomach. "What in the ---," says Eedyar almost breathless.

"We are back," says Nerak. "We weren't able to find anything and I became very tired, so we headed back. Any luck with the adnerb?"

"No. Wasn't able to do anything with it. That trab sure baked it good. It's still hot. I wonder what trab tastes like," says Eedyar while listening to his stomach growl.

Lednew is awakened by a unknown noise in the cave. Looking around, he notices a red glow on the walls of the cave with flickers of yellow. "What in tarnation is that?" Noticing movement outside the cave, he gets up to check on it. "You can shut your eyes now. Stupid trab. I've never seen a species so ignorant."

"About time you got here. I wasn't in the mood nor am I in the habit of having to call you. What's with all the trab in the cave?" Boarding the Redips, Lednew complains, "You expect me to ride without gear? If you cause me to fall off, it will be the last of you." The Redips and Lednew head off towards the mountains as Lednew tells the Redips, "Make sure that those Trab don't pull that again next time I sleep in a cave. It's creepy."

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Detest Spiders

©Karen A J Rinehart

Coming home from running errands today, I grabbed the things from the car. After unlocking the front screen door, I noticed a spider the size of me on the door. Jumping up and down and dropping everything I had in my hands, I picked up the nearest thing I could grab, a spade and proceeded to hit at the beast. I continued my jumping up and down and hitting at the spider when he decided that it was time to vacate the outside of the door and proceed inwards away from the attacking woman with the hatchet.

Realizing my neighbors were probably laughing themselves silly, I began gathering my items and approached the door again. Reaching for the screen door, I opened it ever so slowly and looked to see if it was still lurking around. Sure enough, there it was hanging, this time from the web it had spun on my window of the screen door. Thus commenced the jumping, dropping and screaming. I grabbed my little hatchet and began hitting at it and saying, "Die. Die, you little beast." But, all the screaming, jumping and hitting didn't phase the little beast.

I decided to call in the spider killer. I rang my husband on the phone and asked him if he was going to be home soon. He told me he was almost finished with his errands and would be there shortly, while apparently intrigued by the sound of my voice decided to ask, "Is something wrong?"

"Yes, there is something wrong. I have a spider as big as me on the screen door and I can't seem to kill it. I want you to come home and kill it for me so I can go inside."

It will be a little bit and I'll be right there. Are you outside?"

"No. I'm inside and that is why I'm complaining about not being able to go inside because there's this big ass spider lurking on my door," I told him.

"I'll be there shortly," he said.

"Fine," I said.

Eventually, after much complaining, out loud, I decided to brave it and enter the house complaining all the while about the huge spiders, mosquitoes, tripping over the outside cats, etc. After finally getting inside, I began to feel that something was crawling on me. So, more jumping, swatting and such commenced.

I'm quite certain, if they were watching, that the neighbors thought I was doing a rain dance of some sort. I detest spiders with a passion and I detest having to kill the little beasts. "Why," you ask. Well, some of those little buggers jump and I wasn't in the mood to tackle a beast as big as me.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Twelve: Ygg and Eyak Search for Nerak and Eedyar

©Karen A J Rinehart

Ygg and Eyak bid farewell to the King, Queen and Planet Wee in search of Nerak and Eedyar and head for the Neleh. Entering the Neleh, Ygg asks, "Who's going to be the pilot this time?"

"I think it is my turn," responds Eyak.

"But, I thought you were the pilot last time," whines Ygg.

"I'll race you to the console," says Eyak.

Eyak and Ygg race to the console but they both lose because the Neleh is being piloted by a droid. "Drats," says Eyak. "I forgot. The Neleh is always piloted by a droid."

"Your tough luck, Eyak," laughs Ygg.

"Right. You are the one that chose the Neleh. We could have taken the Amla and one of us could have been the pilot," gripes Eyak. "You just don't know how to pick the ships."

Sitting down at the table, Eyak brings out the spam and spreads them out on the table. Both are looking over the spam and wondering which planet to start their search. "I think we should start with Ostun, Ygg. It is the closest planet to Lala Land."

"No. Too obvious. I think we should begin with this planet. It's a pretty color," says Ygg.

"You don't pick a planet by its color," Eyak says as he rolls his eyes.

"Why would you pick Ostun, then? You know it is just full of trab and the Lalas use it for a prison now," argues Ygg.

"Lets ask the droid to pick the one where we should start," says Eyak. Heading to the console, Ygg and Eyak ask the droid to point to the planet that it thinks they should start with. The droid looks at the spam as if in deep thought and finally points to the planet of its choice. They both look at the spam and can not believe the planet the droid chose. "Why that's Citsym," pouts Ygg. "Why didn't it pick the pretty planet? I want to go to the pretty planet. I am certain that they are there." Ygg continues to whine as Eyak gives orders to the droid.

"Lay in a course for Citsym, droid," says Eyak. "Whining isn't going to get you anywhere, Ygg." Ygg pulls the gift from Queen Terrensya from his pocket and looks at it, presses the button and says, "I am hungry." Looking up from the device, Ygg sees a bright green light and realizes that Eyak has disappeared.

Lednew watches as flames and smoke come from the Thistle. "I can't believe this. What a waste of a good ship. Now, where did that srats get off to? I'm hungry."

Gathering his belongings, Lednew sets out for the post. Hoping to make it before dark. The mountains in the distance prove to him that he won't make it to the post before dark. The post lies just past the mountains. Searching for a place to sleep, Lednew sees a cave. Knowing that he can make it to the cave before dark he heads straight for it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Eleven: Lednew Arrives on Ostun

©Karen A J Rinehart

Ygg and Eyak meet with the King and inform him that their Neleh is ready and they will be leaving shortly for the Ynoga system in search of Nerak and Eedyar. King Ahtrab informs them that Queen Terrensya is awaiting their arrival so that she can bid them farewell and bestow a gift upon them for their trip. "A gift", questions Eyak.

"For us?", continues Ygg. The three of them jump in the transport and head over to the Ecalap.

Lednew boarded the Thistle and was handed a srats. "What is this for", questioned Lednew. "Food for my journey?"

"No", said the guard droid. "You will be holding him during your flight. He will turn your hands purple."

"Like I didn't know that, you tin can", barked Lednew. "And, why do my hands have to be purple?"

"All prisoners of Ostun have to have purple hands before landing", stated the guard droid. "This way we can tell prisoners from others on the planet." Lednew just stood there holding the srats in his hands, drooling, for a moment before boarding the ship.

Ygg, Eyak and King Ahtrab arrive at the castle and go into the ecalap to see the queen. They enter the great room to find the queen sitting with her oosh, Taranis, on the naved. Smiling the queen stands to greet them. "You don't know how pleased I am that you are going to find Nerak. For this, I am grateful and have a gift for each of you", says the Queen Terrensya. "Step forward so I may present them to you". Ygg and Eyak step up and bow to the queen.

"Here are your gifts", she says handing each of them a little device. "These are to be used with discretion and not for personal gain. If you use them to benefit yourself in a way that I am not happy with, you will be punished."

"What is it", questions Eyak.

"What does this button do", asks Ygg pushing it. Just then the room turns a very bright green and King Ahtrab disappears. "What a pretty bright green light. Where is the King?"

"Now you've gone and done it, Ygg", says Eyak.

"What did I do", asks Ygg innocently. Just then a bright light of gold flashes and King Ahtrab reappears.

"What you think or say sets the light into motion as you push the button", says the queen. "Now be on your way. Please bring Nerak home safely."

Arriving on Ostun, Lednew gathers his things and gets ready to disembark the Thistle. Once the door opens, Lednew knows he only has moments to get as far away from the ship as possible. As the door opens, Lednew moves towards the exit to disembark, while the srats on board scampers from the ship to safety. Lednew begins to run towards the mound of nearby rocks. Just as he jumps to safety, the Thistle explodes. "Guess I'm here for awhile", grumps Lednew.

"More like a few tricons", mocks the srats.

"Lunch", says Lednew as he grabs for the srats, which just escapes his grasp.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Ten: Wals Returns

© Karen A J Rinehart

After hearing what he thinks is thunder, Eedyar comes out of the clothes compartment to investigate. Approaching the ship door, he hesitates as he sees Wals being snatched up and eaten by this huge creature. Nerak stands there in shock, unable to move.

Eedyar decides he has to take action or Nerak will be next. He runs to Nerak and grabs him and heads for the ship, half dragging Nerak. As they enter and shut the door, the Trab turns and with one quick swoosh of his tail, sends the ship bouncing across the planet landing in rocks at the base of the mountain.

"Nerak, are you ok?" Eedyar asks, with no response from Nerak.

Trying to get up, Eedyar realizes that he is trapped under the battered console. Unable to move his legs, Eedyar calls out for Nerak again. "Nerak, I'm trapped. Are you okay?" Hearing only moans from Nerak, Eedyar is relieved that he is at least alive. Trying to get out of his current predicament, Eedyar is relieved to hear Nerak talking.

"Wals, where are you?" Nerak voices his concern.

"Wals isn't in the ship, Nerak. Are you hurt? Can you come and help me?" Eedyar repeats, "I'm trapped!"

"Wals, I must find him," says Nerak.

A bright pink light appears and surrounds Eedyar and he finds himself free of the console. To his surprise he's okay and nothing is broken. Locating Nerak, Eedyar asks, "Nerak, are you okay or not?"

"I am ok. Just hit my head and I can't find Wals."

"Wals isn't here. That large creature ate him," says Eedyar.

"Oh, yes, that's right," answers Nerak. "Those creatures are called Trab."

"I'll be back, I'm going to check out the area. Stay in the ship until I return," states Eedyar.

"No problem," replies Nerak.

Leaving the ship, Eedyar checks for damage and realizes that they have some work ahead of them to ready it. He turns to head back inside when he hears thunder. "Great! We are going to have to deal with a storm." Entering the ship, he finds Nerak right where he left him. "By the sound of the thunder outside, we are in for a pretty bad storm," says Eedyar.

Looking outside through the viewer, Nerak says, "Without a cloud in the sky? I don't think so. We need to get out of here. That is a Trab approaching." Leaving the ship, they hide in the rocks.

Within seconds of them getting to the rocks, the Trab arrives at the ship. Looking around as if searching for Eedyar and Nerak, the Trab turns towards the ship and promptly heats it with his flaming breath.

"Great," whispers Eedyar. "We won't be going in there for awhile."

As the Trab turns to leave, a bright pink light appears and envelops the Trab. Inside, Wals sees the pink light and reaches out and touches it. "How beautiful," states Wals.

The light disappears almost as fast as it appeared. Wals finds himself in the rocks next to Nerak and Eedyar. Nerak grabs Wals and hugs him. Wals begins to squirm and says, "Wals does not like hugs!"

"I am sorry," says Nerak. "I am just so glad to see you after the Trab ate you."

As Eedyar watches the reunion, he mumbles to himself, "With so many different colors, why does my light have to be pink?"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gone Now, Many Years

©Karen A J Rinehart

On a rainy night, in the little coffee shop, she sits waiting for him. As she looks up from her coffee, from the table she is sitting, she notices him peering through the window at her. He hurriedly opens the door and rushes to her side, kissing her tenderly.

"My days are long and lonely without you", he whispers in her ear. As she smiles and looks into his eyes, they sit at the table together. "I have a surprise for you", he tells her. She smiles and her eyes light up, wondering what it is. In her childlike excitement, she reaches for her gift. Taking it from him ever so gently, she clutches it to her chest. "For me", she says almost questioning. "Yes", he replies, with joy in his eyes, as he watches her open her gift. As she removes the paper, she asks, "What is it"? Smiling, he says, "It's a radio, my dear. Now, you will be able to hear me when I work." He bolts upright from the table and says, "I must leave you now. I have to meet someone for dinner." He kisses her goodbye with all the tenderness he can muster and tells her, "I will be back soon. Nothing will ever keep me from you." As he reaches the door, he turns and blows her a kiss.

She stands and gathers her gift as she watches him get into his car, noticing that he is not alone, but with a lady. She stands, watching and begins to cry. Knowing his favorite restaurant, she leaves to see for herself who the lady is.

Sitting at a nearby table, she goes un-noticed by him as he enters laughing, with the lady on his arm. She watches as they are seated in a very romantic spot. They order and he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little box. Handing it to the lady, he says, "Will you marry me?" To which she replied, "Of course, I will be your wife."

Not knowing when she left or how she got back to the little coffee shop, she sat all alone and crying. She knew much time had passed but was uncertain of how much. Thinking to herself, she wondered how he could ask another to marry him, when he knew that she loved him more than life itself and knowing in her heart that he loved her that much too. Through her tears, she reached for her handkerchief, laying on the table and wiping the tears from her eyes, she looked up to see him standing there with tears streaming down his cheeks.

"How could you ask another to marry you? My heart, my soul, you know to you they belong", she said. Reaching for her hand and taking it in his he replied, "My darling, you know that I may never marry you. You know that we, a man and wife, can never be." With a look of disbelief upon her face, she looked at him through tears and asked, "But, why? Do you not love me?" Cupping her chin in his hand, so to look into her beautiful sky blue eyes, he replied, "I've loved you for a lifetime and then some. You are the air that I breathe. But, we must look at this in a realistic manner. Being of flesh and blood, my love, one must choose to marry the same." He stood and held out his hand for hers. As she gave him her hand, she said, "I know". Walking to the mirror that hung on the wall, he said, "Look at us and tell me what you see". Raising her head and looking first at him, she smiled and slowly looked into the mirror. "You see, my love, we are not the same". Shocked by what she saw or rather didn't see, she turned and looked into his eyes and said, "But, I can feel your hands. The warmth of your kisses. How can this be?" Taking her in his arms one last time, he replied, "You are a ghost, my love. Gone now, for many years."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Nine: Trabs

©Karen A J Rinehart

Reaching the ship, a breathless Eedyar greets Nerak. "Morning, Nerak.", says Eedyar as he hurriedly enters the ship, opens a compartment door and steps inside. Nerak watches as he shuts the door behind him. "What are you doing in there, Eedyar? That's a clothes compartment."
"I was sleeping and I awoke with something nibbling on my toes.", whispered Eedyar.
"Did you kill it?", asks Nerak.
"No. I threw it against the cave wall.", said Eedyar.
"The cave wall? You didn't listen to Wals about not going into the caves?", continues Nerak.
"No. I'm not in the habit of taking advice from Srats.", states Eedyar. "Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm very busy...hiding." Leaving the ship, Nerak looks around for Wals. Without a sign of him anywhere, Nerak begins to worry.

Getting tired from searching for food, Wals decides to rest for awhile near some rocks. Thinking he'll be safe, he decides to take a pan. "Wals thinks he is lost. Wals is going to rest before continuing to the ship.", he says aloud.

Lednew arrives to see Count Leoj. "It's about time you got here.", says the Count. "The Adnerb that was carrying Nerak and Eedyar has crashed on an unknown planet, here in the Ynoga system. What do you have to say for yourself?"
"I didn't figure that Wees would know how to fly an adnerb.", says Lednew.
"You told me that they stole the ship, Lednew. Why would you tell me that when it was you that set the ship for the ready?", says Count Leoj.
"I didn't do any such thing. I went to get the spam and upon my return they were gone.", says Lednew.
"Because you made sure that the ship would take off before you got back. I won't stand for this, Lednew. You are my most trusted soldier and you have let me down.", says the Count.
"I did no such thing, Count Leoj.", says Lednew.
"I am placing you under arrest for the attempted redrum of Nerak and Eedyar. You will be sentenced and sent to Ostun for an undetermined amount of tricons. Guards, take him away.", said Count Leoj.
"But....", says Lednew.

King Ahtrab goes to the council for help in locating Neraks missing ship. Ygg and Eyak tell the King that they want to be the ones to find Nerak and Eedyar. King Ahtrab is pleased and helps them to make plans for the search. "Give our regards to Queen Terrensya.", Ygg and Eyak say in unison.

Wals awakens from his pan. Standing he sees something on his leg. A really ugly something. Taking a closer look, it appears to be a dragon like creature with a tongue like a frog. Maroon in color with lime green scales and bulging red eyes. Reaching for it he realizes he has them on both legs, arms, ears and his tail. "Wals has trabs!", cries Wals.

Arriving at the ship, Wals asks Nerak to help him. Nerak sees that Wals is covered with something and asks, "Wals, what are those?"
"They are baby trabs.", states Wals.
"They are ugly little things.", says Nerak.
"Be careful what you say, sire. The adults take offense when criticized."
"Adults?", says Nerak.
"Oh, yes, sire.", says Wals, "Please help me remove them."
"How do I do that?", asks Nerak.
"Carefully, sire.", says Wals. "Grab their tails and gently pull. They won't be able to keep their grip." Nerak takes a hold of one of the ones on Wals' tail. just as he grabs a hold of the baby trabs tail, fire comes out of the mouth and singes Wals' tail. "Be careful! That doesn't grow back!", cries Wals. After removing all the trabs from Wals, the trabs slowly fly off.

Nerak tells Wals that those must be what Eedyar saw when he was in the cave. "Eedyar is hiding in the ship."
"He better hide.", says Wals.
"Is there a problem?", asks Nerak.
"Oh, yes, sire. One never enters the caves on Ostun. That is where...", Wals is interrupted by a very loud noise.
"Sounds like thunder, Wals.", says Nerak.
"No, sire, I don't think it is thunder.", states Wals. Looking up, Wals tells Nerak, "No, sire, that is definitely not thunder." Also, looking up, Nerak says, "What is...." Before Nerak can move, the creature snatches Wals up and promptly swallows him. "Yummmmm!", says the Trab, looking next at Nerak.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Eight: Marooned

©Karen A J Rinehart

"Stay out of the caves, if you know what's good for you!", mocks Eedyar as he pulls a device from his pocket and looks it over. He knew he had promised Queen Terrensya that he wouldn't use it but that was before the Lalas took Nerak. After all, he'd been using it ever since the King and Queen had made him Nerak's bodyguard. He places the device back into his pocket and looks around for a place to sleep.

Heading to the Ikit Rab, Lednew says aloud, "He fell for that story, kooh,enil, and reknis. I couldn't stop them.", he laughs. Lednew notices that a bright pink light has appeared. Unlike anything he's ever seen before. Not able to stop himself, Lednew reaches out for it. He suddenly finds himself falling. Just before he hits the ground, he finds himself saying aloud, "I must keep my thoughts to myself." As the bright pink light ascends, a voice is heard saying, "Queen Terrensya knows all. Sees all." Lednew enters the Ikit Rab and bids Lala Land goodnight.

Wals and Nerak decide to sleep inside the ship. "Sire, we will be much safer in here tonight.", says Wals. Too tired to argue the point, Nerak agrees. Wals snuggles down in Nerak's pocket, while Nerak makes his way to the nearest seat on the Adnerb. Looking out the window, Nerak wonders where Eedyar is and hoping he hasn't gotten himself lost.

Word has come from Count Leoj and it isn't good. The Adnerb that was carrying Nerak and Eedyar has crashed on an unknown planet in the Ynoga system. Queen Terrensya is in tears as Eyak, Ygg and King Ahtrab try to comfort her. "Nerak! ", cries the Queen. "You must find my son. I can not lose another." King Ahtrab assures the Queen that she will not lose Nerak.

Still stumbling around in the dark, Eedyar spots a cave. Entering the cave he looks around for a place to sleep. "Wals must be wrong about these caves. They are harmless.", says Eedyar as he kicks a nearby rock to make sure it isn't alive. Soon after he sits down he falls asleep.

Wals scampers from Nerak's pocket with his tail brushing the tip of Nerak's nose. "What the...", says Nerak half asleep. "Wakey! Wakey! It's morning.", greets Wals.
"Morning? How can you tell? It's still dark out.", says Nerak.
"What's for breakfast?, asks Wals. Ignoring Wals, Nerak walks out the door of the Adnerb to greet the day. "Day?", thinks Nerak.

Awaking in the Ikit Rab, Lednew thinks to himself, "What an odd dream?" Dreaming of pink lights and Queen Terrensya was an odd mix. Walking outside, Lednew is met by Nelag, secretary to the count. "Count Leoj wishes your presence, sir.", states Nelag. "What is it this time?", barks Lednew.
Cowering, Nelag states, "I do not know sir. I was asked to locate you and give you the message."
"So! You've given me the message. Be gone with you.", barks Lednew. "I am afraid that I must know the approximate time of your arrival before the Count.", says Nelag. "I will be there when he see's me.", barks Lednew as he kicks Nelag out of his way. "I hate Wee Aliens!", states Lednew.

Awakened by a pain in his big toe, Eedyar looks down to see what it is. In the darkness he's not quite sure what it is that he sees. Grabbing it, he throws it against the wall of the cave. Running from the cave, Eedyar realizes that he's being chased by someone or something. A whole lot of someone or something.

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Miniature Farm

*July 1, 2009 ©Karen A J Rinehart*

My husband and I are always dreaming of owning a farm someday. We were on
our way to Garden City one weekend, when he started talking about it. I had
told him that I'd heard that a certain parcel of land in eastern Kansas was
selling for $350 an acre and that 100 acres would cost $35,000. He told me,
there would be the cost of the land, cattle, house, fencing, etc. I told
him not to forget the horses. We'd always wanted horses so we could go
rinding. I came up with a solution to our problems. Of course he thought I
needed to be in the State Mental Hospital.

All I told him was, to buy miniature acres. That way it would cost $3.50 an
acre instead of $350. I continued by telling him, he would have to then buy
miniature cattle to put on the miniature acres. After much complaining and
picking on me about my losing my mind, I told him that the horses would have
to be miniature and we would have to have miniature cowboys, farm house,
barn, corrals and packing houses to put on the miniature acres that we were

After continuing to inform me that I was insane, I told him I was going to
the miniature farm and get the miniature shot gun from the closet and
proceed to shoot him in the leg. He told me that he wouldn't feel anything
because being shot with a miniature shotgun would feel like a bee sting.
Turning to look at him, I calmly said, "No, it won't feel like a bee sting
because you will be miniature too. Besides, I have to have a miniature
safety director for my miniature packing plant and you are the only one I
All of this came about from my boredom on our trip and the fact that we
wanted a farm. I just reminded him that I wasn't insane. Just because I
saw little Indians atop the hills on I-70 between Hays and Topeka did not
mean I was insane. I rest my case.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Seven: On Planet Ostun

©Karen A J Rinehart

Count Leoj is relieved that Lednew is on his way to Planet Wee and that Nerak will arrive unharmed. He was quite content knowing when Lednew returned, that Nerak would be back on Planet Wee and he'd have his head tomorrow. Dealing with Queen Terrensya was certainly not to his liking.

Bursting through the door, Lednew entered shouting, "I couldn't stop them. They stole the Adnerb and left for Planet Wee." Turning around to face Lednew, Count Leoj responded nervously, "Who is piloting the ship?"
"No one. I set the controls for the ready and quickly went to get some spam. When I returned, the Adnerb was gone.", stated Lednew.
"Stop shouting, Lednew. We will figure this out. We have to figure this out.", said the Count scratching his head in thought.

Noticing the planet is becoming larger in the viewer, Wals starts running around on the console flipping switches, pushing buttons, turning knobs and dials. Eedyar sees what he is doing and goes over to the console and flicks him off with his finger. "What are you doing? Have you gone daft? You are going to make us crash faster." Just as fast as Wals exited the console, he returns saying, "I saw this at the amenic one time. Really, Sire, you must put Eedyar on a leash. He's out of control."

Nerak sits in the pilots seat and tells Eedyar, "I am quite certain that we are going to crash. So, let Wals have his fun. What can it hurt?"
"But...", says Eedyar as Nerak interrupts. "Wals said he knew how to fly the Adnerb, so maybe he's flying it."
"Yeah, right!", says Eedyar disgusted.

Suddenly the ship comes to an abrupt stop just a few feet above the planet, tossing Nerak and Eedyar to the deck of the ship. Wals turns to Eedyar and says, "Ptttthhhhtttt!" Eedyar looks at Nerak, then grabs at Wals and says, "Time for a Srats snack!" Wals runs and jumps into Nerak's pocket and settles down while he pulls his treasure from his pouch for a look. With a confident smirk, he places it back in his pouch sure that no one in Lala Land knows that he has it.

With the Adnerb now hovering just inches above the planet, Eedyar reaches over and shuts the power off. The engines are winding down as they are leaving the ship. Nerak and Eedyar are few feet from the ship when Wals says, "Sire, I have it. This is Planet Ostun. Wees lived here many tricons ago. Just then the ship drops to the ground with a loud thud. "Way to go jolgoat.", says Wals to Eedyar who continues walking and ignoring the Srats. Wals continues, "After the Lalas came so did the rebellion. The Wees and Lalas fought over this planet for 20,000 tricons. Eventually, the Wees moved to another planet but always stayed in the Ihtur system.

The Lalas made a planet, in the Ynoga system, their base planet. It is said that a Wee Alien lives among the Lalas. Why?, asked Nerak.
"Sire, legend has it that the Lalas have two ancient statues that belong to the Wee Aliens. The statues are very important.", stated Wals. "It is further said that the Lalas kidnapped the King and Queen's newborn son and are raising him in Lala land.
"That is a bunch of hooey booey. How do you know so much about Wee history?", says Eedyar. While turning to walk away, he falls over something in the ground. "Sugaration!", shouts Eedyar. "Blasted planet! Dark, cold and now I'm tripping over Dog knows what!", he mumbles.
"Eedyar, you okay?", a concerned Nerak asks.
"I'm finding a place to sleep far away from that Srats.", states Eedyar.
"You'll stay out of the caves, if you know what's good for you!", Wals shouts as Eedyar disappears into the dark.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Six: To Crash or Not to Crash

©Karen A J Rinehart

Standing before the statue of the ancient Gods, Zeus and Thor, Queen Terrensya asks them to bring Nerak and the golden evird home to Planet Wee safely. King Ahtrab walks up and stands before the Queen.
"Count Leoj sent word that Nerak and Eedyar have boarded the adnerb and will be leaving shortly.", says the King trying to console her.
"If the Count knows what is best for him, Nerak will arrive yadot.", states the Queen.
"Otherwise, he shall lose his head.", she says, as King Ahtrab thinks the exact words.
"I want my golden evird.", she states.

Ruthi is making some adjustments to the program she's working on for Nerak. She notices that there is something odd with the research she has done on the ancient statues on Planet Wee. Noticing that there is a hole in Zeus' right paw, she zooms in on the photo to take a closer look. Suddenly she realizes she has seen a similar hole like this before on the statue of Thor. "What could it be?", she wonders aloud, as she continues to search the computer for any new information on Zeus and Thor.

Since the search is taking awhile, she decides to step away for a cup of coffee. Just as she leaves, the computer screen comes alive and shows a photo of Zeus, Thor and two unknown statues. Not much information comes up on the screen about the two unknowns. Except, they are the same shape as the Gods, only smaller in size.

The sunflower, that brings light to Planet Wee begins to close on yet another day. Queen Terrensya stands on the balcony of the Ecalap and watches, in sadness, as the petals close, turning it into a bud once again. With a sigh, she turns to see King Ahtrab sneaking past the door.
"Where do you think you are going?", she demands.
"Nowhere.", replies the King.
"Any news from Count Leoj?", she asks.
"No, I haven't any news.", he says.
She picks up Taranis, her oosh, and heads off to the sleeping room. As she passes the King she says, "Count Leoj is going to be upset when he loses his head."
"I know.", shudders the King, as he watches the fireflies come together to form the moon.

The adnerb that Eedyar, Nerak and Wals is on continues to spin out of control. Eedyar tries desperately to find out their location. Nerak tells Eedyar, "I've never seen this planet on any of the spam before. Nodding in agreement, Eedyar looks at Wals in disgust. Knowing that the Srats could do something about the ship and isn't doing anything really makes him uneasy. Wals is looking over the spam and tells Eedyar and Nerak, "This looks familiar. Sire, this is a very old planet." Nerak and Eedyar brace themselves for impact on the planet below while Wals runs for the console.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Five: Nerak Leaves for Planet Wee

©Karen A J Rinehart

Coming out of his trance, after finding out that the Srats could talk, Eedyar hands Wals to Nerak who reluctantly takes him. Placing Wals into his pocket, Nerak asks Eedyar, "Where do you think the golden evird is?" Eedyar just shrugs his shoulders.

Nerak and Eedyar are contemplating escaping Lala Land when Eedyar asks, "Have you ever flown a Adnerb before, Nerak?"
"No, I haven't." replied Nerak.
"I know how to fly an Adnerb!", came the muffled voice of Wals.
"Be quiet!", said Eedyar.
"Sure! Don't listen to the only one with brains in the group.", replied Wals.

Bursting through the door came Lednew. "Get yourselves to the ship at once.", bellowed Lednew. "Count Leoj wants you on the next ship to Planet Wee." As fast as Lednew arrived, he left to ready the ship for their journey to Planet Wee.

All the way to the ship, Wals kept asking, "Are you taking Wals with you to Planet Wee?" After hearing this five times, Eedyar told Nerak, "I should have stopped and picked us up a plate of Srats for our journey. Oh, I don't have to. You have a Srats in your pocket. Wals didn't say another word the rest of the way to the ship.

Eedyar wondered why Lednew was taking them back to Planet Wee. Queen Terrensya must have said something to Count Leoj about Nerak or perhaps the Count had seen him in Lala Land. He knew that the Count didn't want Nerak in Lala Land.

Nerak was looking at his hands and asked, "How am I ever going to get this purple off my hands?" Eedyar laughed and said, "Remove the Srats..."
"Wals.", stated Wals.
"Remove Wals from you pocket, hold him by the ears, upside down and tickle him."
Nerak does as he's told. Wals begins to leak profusely from his mouth. Nerak gets it on his hands.
"E....yuk! I have Srats spit on my hands.", says Nerak.
Looking at Nerak, Wals replies, "Sire, you may have Srats spit on your hands but they are no longer purple."

Laughing at Wals, they notice that the ship is shaking vigorously. Nerak asks, "What's happening?" Eedyar walks to the bridge only to find that Lednew isn't there. Searching the ship, Eedyar comes to the relization that they are the only ones on the ship. As the ship continues to spin out of control, Eedyar goes back to Nerak and Wals.
"Okay, you little runt of a Srats! You said you could fly this thing and now is your chance.", says Eedyar.
"I said I knew how to fly one, not that I could.", cried Wals. "We are going to die! I only wanted to get off of Lala Land."
Nerak told Eedyar and Wals that their only chance was for them to try and fly the Adnerb to Planet Wee. As they headed for the bridge, the ship began to lose altitude. They were crashing on the planet below and it wasn't Planet Wee.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to Make a Paragod

©Karen A J Rinehart

First, you need an EMT with attitude,
who is an egomaniac, able to ignore
patients and argue with doctors. Add a
dash of laziness, a spoonful of I-know-it-all,
and paramedic classes.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


©Karen A J Rinehart

My husband and I went to Kansas City in April 2010. We both had classes we were scheduled to attend. After arriving and putting our bags in the room, he decided he was hungry. I was tired and asked him if he'd be able to find the restaurant by himself. He said, "I think so." Armed with the GPS, I had programmed for him, he set out in search of the restaurant.

A short time later, my cell phone rang. He asked me if the GPS went in reverse and I told him yes. I told him the button to push to set it to come back. Within 10 minutes, my husband, that has no use for electronic gadgets of any kind, calls me again. "This thing isn't working.", he said. I told him to push the button for my addresses and he said, "It's not showing what you said it would." I told him to shut the GPS off and tell me the name of the street he was on. I got on the computer and called Mapquest up, typed in the name of the street, then asked him, "What hundred block are you in?" He told me the address and I typed it into the computer. Mapquest showed that he was 45 minutes from me and he was only supposed to be 15 minutes away.

I told him to find a building with an address, pull over and give me the exact hundred block and exact name of the street he was on or I couldn't get him back to the room. He found a building and gave me the information. I told him which way to turn. He turned and wound up going the opposite direction I had told him to. Realizing he wasn't seeing any of the cross streets I was telling him, he decided to turn around. Frustrated, he headed the right direction and got back to the motel. Poor guy gets turned around in a big city so easily.

During dinner he told me, "I'm not going by myself again. You are coming with me." I responded, "Ok. Isn't it a good thing computers and cell phones were invented or you wouldn't be here now. (Men never stop and ask directions. At least my husband doesn't. Must be a man thing.)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Trashed But Not Forgotten

© Karen A J Rinehart

This was written from a prompt in 2004 and it was my very first writing.

There's a pond, so blue, that sits by a beautiful park
Brightly lit by the morning sun from the bright blue sky
Great giant oak trees shading picnic tables and benches
Inquisitive deer peeking out from the nearby forest
Squirrels scurrying from tree to tree, gathering acorns as they go
Sounds of gentle rustling of trees, with leaves blowing about
Swans floating by in a pond so blue
There in this peaceful place sits a green park bench
A place for everyone to sit and dream

The wind so hard begins to blow
Skies bright blue turn gray above, no sun to shine
No deer peering through the forest and no squirrels scurrying about
Gentle rustling of trees now a distant memory
Leaves flying high in the sky, as if gathered by huge hands
Only to be dropped in the pond that's fiercely churning
Swans no longer floating by, now huddle close to one another
The green park bench is now chipped and fading

It's clearing now but things will never be the same
The beauty she saw is now old and ugly
Still an old woman in a purple sweater sits knowing deep inside
The park she loved is now trashed but not forgotten

Wee Alien - Part Four: Nerak meets Wals

©Karen A J Rinehart

Arriving at the ecalap, Ygg and Eyak were about to meet with King Ahtrab and Queen Terrensya. Ygg, with a shaky voice said, "It's your turn to give the news on Nerak to them." Eyak responded, "You are just afraid you will find yourself floating in the Lanac Suez with a roht on your foot."

King Ahtrab and Queen Terrensya entered the room to find Ygg and Eyak waiting on the naved. Queen Terrensya impatiently asks, "Has Count Leoj returned Nerak?" Eyak informed the Queen that Nerak and Eedyar were still in Lala Land. The King was pleased that Eedyar was able to board the Lala's ship before it left, however, the Queen was none too pleased.

Meanwhile, back in Lala Land, Eedyar and Nerak turn in their bounty and leave to have their meal. Nerak is shocked when he finds the evening meal is Srats. Although Nerak is very hungry, he passes. Eedyar, just as hungry, piles his plate full of Srats and begins eating. Nerak's stomach churns at the thought.
"How can you eat those, Eedyar?", Nerak asks.
"Easy! Take a bite, chew and then swallow!", Eedyar relies. "You should try some, tastes like nekcihc. Shaking his head back and forth, Nerak says, "No thank you."

In the sleeping room, Nerak sits down on his cot and reaches into his pocket for the evird. To his surprise he finds a Srats instead. "What the...?" Jumping up he drops the Srats to the floor. Eedyar enters the room just as the Srats is running for the door and just as he picks up speed, scoops him up.
"Lose something, Nerak?", asks Eedyar.
"No!", denies Nerak.
"So tell me how this little guy got in here. This is a Srats free zone. The Lala's have checked this area from top to bottom and sideways. Not one inch of this area has been left unchecked." Nerak responds with, "I don't know how but he was in my pocket and the golden evird is missing. Do you think the Srats ate it?"
"Sire, you must be joking. Srats eat only fruit.", said the Srats.
"Egad! It talks!", said Nerak.
"Sire, I assure you, we are intelligent beings. Do not call me It. I have a name. I am Wals from the planet Tibdit of the Ihtur System.", said Wals.
Eedyar has no comment as he stands there holding the talking Srats.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Brenda - Last Hour

©Karen A J Rinehart

I decided that standing at the nurses station waiting was going to be awhile so, I sat down in one of the chairs behind the desk listening to Brenda and the LPN talk.

The next words I hear coming from Brenda's room are from the RN, "Brenda, raise your head. Come on, sweetie, raise your head for me." My heart sank. Brenda was unresponsive, again. The RN stepped from the room saying, "I'm going to try one more thing before calling a Code." I was crushed! Within a few moments, the RN stepped out of the room, picked up the phone, dialed a few numbers and said, "Code Blue! Code Blue, ICU 402! Code Blue." My legs just about gave out on me.

I took my cell phone from my pocket and called my husband and told him, "Brenda has coded again. They are working on her." Before I could ask him to come and be with me, he said, "I'm on my way, Sweetie. I'll be right there."

Within a few minutes, Fire Rescue exited the elevator that was right by Brenda's room. The two fire fighters were two that I had helped train when they became EMT's. The look of shock on their faces was unbearable for me. Moments later, the crew from EMS arrived. The paramedic asked me on the way to Brenda's room, "Why are you here?" I said, "That's Brenda in there." The EMT-I with the paramedic said, "We'll take care of her, Karen."

Standing there at the nurses station, I could hear all that was going on. The ER doctor arrived along with several nurses. A nurse that I didn't know stepped from Brenda's room and made a phone call and within minutes another nurse was there. He walked up to me and said, "Is that your mother?" I answered, "No! It's my baby sister." Realizing why he was there, I told him he didn't have to stay with me that I was ok. He asked if he could call someone for me and I told him, "No, my husband is on the way.

With tears flowing down my face, I asked the nurse if I could have a chair to sit in. He got me one immediately. Just as I was about to sit down in the chair, Brenda's roommate arrived. I told the nurse that I couldn't deal with her right now and could he show her to the waiting room and let her know that I would be there as soon as I could. I also told him to let her know what was happening.

The ER doctor, whom I worked with when I brought a patient into the hospital when I was working the ambulance, came out of Brenda's room and made a phone call. He walked to the other side of the nurses station and began to talk in a hushed voice. He was talking to Brenda's regular doctor saying, "We've tried to get her back with no luck. There are three more things, I'd like to try. No, she doesn't have a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). CPR is ongoing. Yes! She's right here. You want to talk to her? Ok." He walked over to me and told me that he was talking to Brenda's doctor (my doctor, as well) and that he wanted to talk to me on the phone. I said, "Ok." and took the phone.

Doctor told me he was sorry and told me that Brenda was a wonderful lady. He went on to tell me that the ER doctor was going to try three more medications and that CPR was ongoing. I told him I understood. He also advised me that she had been coded for 20 minutes and what did I want to do. Did I want them to call it or continue. "They will continue, Karen, if you want them to." At this point, I told the doctor. Doctor, my head knows with the length of time that she's been in the code, it's time to call it. However, my heart says no, keep trying." His voice cracked as he told me that when the ER doctor had tried the three medications that he would step to the door and look at me. If I nodded that it was ok to call it, he would.

Within a few minutes of my hanging up, the ER doctor stepped to the door. With tears in my eyes and a breaking heart, I nodded to call it. The RN that was with me said he was sorry and the ER doctor came and gave me his condolences as well. My co-workers stepped out to tell me that were sorry, gave me a hug and went back into the room. Fire Rescue came out for a few moments and did the same.

When Fire Rescue was heading back into the room, I told them, "Make her decent, I want to see her." They asked if I wanted to wait until she was back on the bed. I told them now, I would see her again, when she was on the bed but I needed to see her now. I went in to see her and broke down. I had to leave the room.

Just as I walked out, my husband arrived at the hospital. I told him she was gone. He told me he'd make the calls and I stayed by Brenda's room. They came for me and I went and got him. We went in together and said by. The RN that had been in with Brenda asked me the name of the Funeral Home I wanted and told me that they wouldn't take her away until I was ready.

I lost my last immediate family member that day. I also lost the best friend I had my entire life.

Brenda - Day Three

©Karen A J Rinehart

Arriving at the hospital a little late because I stopped to get her a card and crosswords to work on. She had ordered me breakfast and when I arrived she told me, "Karen, it's cold now. Where were you?" I told her I was sorry for being late but I was going to spend the entire day with her. She smiled.

Her roommate decided to leave since I was there with Brenda and told me that if she got to go home later to let her know and she'd come back and take her home. I told her ok and she left.

Brenda was very tired. She said, "They wake you all night long to take your vitals." "I know.", I told her. She watched a little TV and dozed. I sat beside her bed and held her hand. I was still un-nerved by what had happened the day before.

Noticing her eye was turning blue and the white was red from her hitting her head the day before, I apologized to her for not being able to keep her from falling. She told me that it was ok.

Lunch was brought in around 12 p.m. and she took one look at it and said, "I don't like this many vegetables. I want a hamburger." I told her that she only had to tolerate the food today because they said she was going home tomorrow. Her meat that she had on her tray was far better tasting than mine. She was unable to cut it and I asked her if it was ok if I cut it into bite size pieces for her. Her response, "Please. Thank you." While I was cutting her meat she ate her jello. She said, "Karen, I'm going to eat my ice cream because I fainted yesterday and I didn't get to eat it. So, I'm eating it first in case it happens again. " We both laughed while she ate her ice cream.

The nurse came in with her dose of insulin and she told her she didn't want insulin. I told her that when you are a diabetic and in the hospital, they give you insulin. The nurse said, "You only have to take the insulin while you are here. When you go home you will be back on your pills." She agreed to the insulin.

Shortly after dinner, the LPN came in to give Brenda her bath. I told Brenda, "I'll wait outside at the Nurses Station, while she gives you a bath and then I'll come right back in. The LPN told me that it wouldn't be long.

In ICU they have glass doors to close for privacy or a curtain if a lot of privacy isn't needed. The LPN closed the doors and I waited for her to come and tell me I could go back in.

About 5 minutes into the bath, the LPN stepped out and asked the RN for help as Brenda needed to use the facilities. They took a wheel chair in and as they entered the room, the LPN told me, "We are taking the wheel chair in so we can move her to her room after she is finished using the facilities." I said, "Ok."

Brenda - Day Two

©Karen A J Rinehart

I arrived in time for breakfast on Monday. We talked most of the morning and later her roommate arrived. She rested off and on during the morning. Lunch arrived and she had ordered me a tray. The three of us were eating and enjoying our lunch. My sister told me that she had to use the ladies room. Since she had an IV attached, I asked her if she needed help. She said, "No, I have it." As she was exiting the ladies room, she said, "I'm dizzy." I told her to sit down on the bed as soon as she could and she told me, "Ok."

She was sitting on the edge of the bed when she said, "I need to lean forward." I got up from my chair and walked over to her and placed my hand on her right shoulder. She told, "Move your hand. You know I have claustrophobia." I stepped away a little and she leaned forward. However, she continued leaning forward and didn't stop. I put my hand on her right shoulder and took my right hand to push her back with it, when I missed and she fell to the floor.

My training put me in motion. I walked over, knelt beside her and checked her breathing and found her gurgling. Airway not open. I tried to roll her to her back but she was so big, I was unable to do it myself. I immediately got up from the floor and went to the door and yelled down the hall, "I need a nurse in here stat!" I went back to her and knelt down beside her, still gurgling. I told her room mate to call for a nurse again. She went for the call button on the bed. I got up from the floor and yelled for the nurse again.

Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. I knew what the nurses were doing as I had been in the hospital many a time working a code blue. They were getting the crash cart and hurrying down the hall. By the time I reached my sister, knelt down beside her again, I had one nurse at her feet and one across from me. I knew the look on both of their faces. The one standing was doing a quick sweep and assessing the situation and the other was checking pulse and breathing. When I looked up, I realized what was going to happen next. "Code Blue, Room 357. Code Blue." I grabbed the room mate and left the room, with her asking me, "What is a code blue?" I told her I would tell her when we reached the hall but that we needed to get out of the room so they could work.

I explained that a Code Blue was when there were no life signs in a patient that had just gone down. Further explanation of Brenda's situation caused me to become sick to my stomach. We went to the waiting room and awaited news. I called my husband and told him that they had just called a Code on Brenda and we were on the third floor. He told me, "I will be right there."
It seemed like an eternity before he arrived.

I knew that Fire Rescue and EMS would be there because we always came to the hospital during a Code. We were the extra hands that they might need. Walking towards the room that Brenda was in, I noticed a paramedic from work and asked how she was doing. The paramedic stated, "We have it under control." I became mad because this is a paramedic has an attitude that just doesn't end. I'm not even sure she knew that Brenda was my sister. I walked back to the waiting room to wait when a nurse walked up and asked me if there was anything I needed. I told her that I wanted the Floor Supervisors name. She told me who it was and I asked if I could speak with him. The Floor Supervisor was an RN at the hospital but was also a paramedic that had helped train me when I became an EMT. He walked down the hall to talk to me.

He hadn't realized until that moment that Brenda was my sister. I asked him what the situation was in her room and he said that they were working on her but she was unresponsive. He went back to her room but within just a few minutes he was back with another report. Brenda was now breathing on her own and her heart rate was 54 with a very strong pulse. I was thrilled. They had her back.

I went and stood outside her room and thanked the Floor Supervisor for keeping me informed. Shortly he stepped out of the room and told me that she had told my boss that was in the room with her, "Please let my sister know I'm ok. " He told her he would but I had heard her and stepped into the doorway. My boss told me to come in and he told Brenda, "Sis is here so you can tell her you are ok." I took her hand and told her that I would be right outside the door. She told my boss, "You are going to need a crane to get me up off the floor." To that he replied, "Brenda, what do you want a bird in here for." They both laughed. It was really good to hear her laugh at that moment.

The Floor Supervisor said that he would take me up to ICU to her room, ICU 402. He told me, "She is only going to ICU as a precautionary procedure since she fainted." The had decided that she wasn't a Code since she came back so quickly and they had not initiated CPR. On the way up in the elevator, he asked me to tell him what had happened. After telling him, he told me, "I could never do that for a family member. You stayed calm the entire time and did what needed to be done." I thanked him for the compliment and told him that he needed to tell my boss. You see my boss doesn't think I'm assertive enough on calls when I'm working the ambulance.

Brenda - Day One

©Karen A J Rinehart

"EMS, Fire Rescue respond to 1327 N Roosevelt. Female having difficulty breathing", said the dispatcher as the pagers went off. This is a common thing for me to hear because I work as an EMT-I and those sounds are what I'm used to hearing. However, when it is a family member or a friend, those words are some of the most difficult that I hear. Even though I knew this call was going to be paged, it still made my heart sink.

My sister hadn't been feeling well for over a month. My husband and I tried to get her to go to the doctor but she always had an excuse. She had back pain, indigestion, shortness of breath and loss of appetite for almost a month. Finally one Sunday evening, she called me, "Karen, I'm going to call an ambulance and go to the hospital. I can hardly breathe." I told her I would be right there.

Upon arrival at ER, I walked into her room and asked it the doctor had been in. They had taken her blood sugar and it was high and had x-rayed her back and legs and she would be getting the results shortly. While we talking, the doctor finally came in and told her, "You have pneumonia. We will be admitting you." She was a little nervous because she'd never had to stay in the hospital before.

Her roommate and I rode in the elevator up to her room and I stayed with her while they asked her questions, got vitals, talked to her about a living will, DNR and helped her to change clothes. She didn't know exactly what a DNR was or a living will so I explained them to her. At one point I did ask her if she wanted to be resuscitated if it came to that. The look on her face broke my heart as she answered, "Yes." I told her that I would see to her wishes. They were still completing these things when I told her, "I'm going home and will be up here to have breakfast with you in the morning." I hugged her bye and left.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Very Own Leprechaun

©Karen A J Rinehart, 2006

(This is one of my first poems. It was for a prompt on WWAUW.)

I have a leprechaun of my very own.
You'll find him lurking near the blarney stone.
Searching for a shamrock just for me.
And dancing round a distant tree.
He loves music and drinking green beer.
Being drunk is his greatest fear.
You see drinking makes him rather bold.
Cause the little stinker stole my gold.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Three: Nerak Hunts Srats

©Karen A J Rinehart

Nerak couldn't believe his luck. He was having a perfectly good day on Wee. His plan, after he delivered the evird to the computer, was to play flog with Ygg and Eyak. It was his chance to use the gift that Queen Terrensya had given him, the golden eet. Instead he was on his way to Lala Land to hunt Srats.

Looking out the only window of the ship, Nerak couldn't believe how dreary it was here in the Ynoga system where the sun never shines. Lala Land only had light because they take it from the other systems. The Ihtur system had to hide their sunlight from the Lalas. Wee's sun looks like a giant sunflower. It's well known throughout the galaxy that Lalas hate flowers. Queen Terrensya is always sure to send Count Leoj a golden rose every year on the anniversary of his marriage to Countess Lorac because she knows this annoys him.

As Nerak disembarked the ship, he wondered what it was like to actually catch Srats. He'd hunted them when he was young but most Srats were elusive ugly little creatures and you hardly ever got the purple off your hands after touching one. He wasn't sure that he wanted to catch one after what he'd heard. Nerak was handed two bags and a funny looking canister. "The canister is for the dead ones, if they aren't warm. The black bag is for the dead warm ones and the white one with the holes is for the ones that are still alive. Don't mix them up or there will be Lleh to pay.", barked Lednew. Several of the Wees raised their hands with questions. Lednew responded, "There's no time for questions. Food will be served once you have returned with a successful bounty." A voice came from the back of the Wee's asking what a successful bounty was. "Who's that snarking back there?", asked Lednew. "It is I, Eedyar, from Planet Wee of the Ihtur system.", came the reply. "Shut your mouth and commence with hunting Srats or no one gets food.", barked Lednew. With much grumbling coming from the Wees, it was hard to make out what Eedyar had replied.

Nerak began searching for Srats, however, he wasn't finding any. Sitting down on a nearby rock, he began to think of home and how he missed it. Looking up Nerak saw something in the distance. Thinking it was a Srats, he got down behind the rock. Just as the being approached, Nerak jumped from behind the rock and bonked it on the head. Looking down, Nerak saw Eedyar lying there unconscious. Sitting back down on the rock, Nerak waited for Eedyar to awaken.

As Eedyar awoke so did the rock that Nerak was sitting on. Nerak looked down to find that he had been sitting on dozens of Srats. "Grab them!", said Eedyar. Nerak disgustingly replied, "You grab them!" Eedyar began grabbing Srats and placing them in the black bag. Nerak saw that he was placing them in the wrong bag and told him they needed to go in the white bag as they were still alive. With a devlish grin, Eedyar said, "Let the Lalas sort them. We are supposed to be hunting them." Nerak shook his head and sat down on the ground and reached into his pocket and pulled out the golden evird. "I will never get this back to Queen Terrensya. She will have my head for this." Eedyar was too busy collecting Srats to hear him. Nerak put the golden evird back into his pocket and picked up his hunting supplies, not realizing that he put it into the Srats hiding in his pocket.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


©Karen A J Rinehart

"Around and around I go"
Sure to become dizzy
"Entranced by circular flow"
"I muddle" through
"Mid ruffling"
"Of feathers"
"Fair-weathered" friends
Abound "in madness"
"And sadness" befalls me
I become "entranced by circular flow"
And once again "around and around I go"

Taken from the poem by the same title by Ruthi Cox.

Following Kimberly Blackadar's Blog/Poetry Workshop:
Borrowed poetry, or found poetry, is creating an original poem by using lines from another poem, quote, or even headlines from the newspaper as a springboard.

Sir Wuffles

With approaching severe weather today, it brought back memories of a little shih tzu, Sir Wuffles, that I had before I got Zeus and Thor.

We live in Tornado Alley and our severe weather usually begins the latter part of March and lasts on into the first week or so of September. Today we have the chance for tornadoes and hail 2 inch in diameter. Being a storm spotter, I don't much care for this kind of weather, but then who does, however, it's part of nature.

When severe weather, especially tornado watches were announced for our area, I would get things together and put them in a little bag. Things that we would need in case we were hit by a tornado or that we would need in case of an emergency. In this bag, I would put water, medication, some treats for Wuffles, his leash, flash light, extra batteries, a handheld scanner, radio, umbrella and first aid kit. Then Wuffles and I would sit down in the chair and watch TV and listen for the weather to clear or in some cases being put under a tornado warning.

In the basement, we had a closet that we didn't have anything in and was in the center of the house. Wuffles knew when I grabbed the bag and headed downstairs that it was time to go too. He would follow me down to the closet and we would sit in there until the tornado warning had passed and it was clear to come out. Sometimes we were there for as long as two hours.

One particular day, I wasn't home from work and we were put under a tornado watch. There was severe lightening in our area along with hail and high winds. I waited in the car, in front of my house, for the hail to stop and ran inside. I wasn't greeted at the stairs by Wuffles and this had me a little worried.

As I was going upstairs to get the bag, I called his name but no answer. After heading downstairs to place the bag near the closet, I continued calling for him. Worried, I went back upstairs to look under the beds to get him. By this time, we had been put under a tornado warning and I needed to get to a place of safety, but not without Wuffles.

Grabbing my purse, I took it down to the closet but this time noticed that the door to the closet was open a little. I opened the door and there on his pillow sat Wuffles. He had remembered. He was supposed to go there during a storm. After that time, whenever I came home from work or storm spotting and it had been storming outside, I would find Sir Wuffles right where he needed to be. In the safest place in the house.

©Karen A J Rinehart

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Two: Golden Evird

After helping the Wees find computers for their planet, Ruthi gives Queen Terrensya a golden evird as a gift. The Queen is in awe of this wonderful gift that has been bestowed upon her and in return gives Ruthi a gift from planet Wee. It's not just any gift but it's the Golden Eet. Everyone on Wee knows you can't flog without your eet.

After returning to Wee, Queen Terrensya, places the golden evird in the center of the Ecalap, so that everyone may enjoy the gift. Queen Terrensya doesn't realize that Ruthi has placed valuable information on it. The information on the evird will help the Wees rid themselves of the Lalas.

Needing information from the golden evird, Nerak goes to the council and asks to use it as it pertains to ending the hold the Lalas have on Wee. Eedyar, Wee's yenrotta, advises the council that it would be beneficial to the well being of Wee, however, Ygg and Eyak aren't convinced. "It's the Queen's property", Ygg and Eyak say in unison. Nerak was given the golden evird and had to return it within the ruoh.

Nerak placed the golden evird in his pocket. Just then the wind began to stir and Nerak knew that the Lalas were landing because there is no wind on Wee. Lalas began rounding the Wees up to take them to Lala Land. "We are running low on Srats!", barked Lednew. "We must have more Wees or we will be hunting Srats ourselves." Unfortunately, Nerak was one of the Wees that boarded the Lalas ship.

Hiding behind the sehsub, Eedyar saw Nerak being boarded on the Lala ship but wasn't in a position to help or so he thought. You see, Eedyar is a bit of a nekcihc when it comes to the Lalas.

Eedyar, goes to the council and tells Ygg and Eyak that they must let Queen Terrensya know that Nerak has been taken to Lala Land. Ygg, in no uncertain terms states that he's not telling the Queen. Eyak, tells Eedyar that he was the one that let Nerak have the evird and he should be the one to tell the Queen. Eedyar, Ygg and Eyak stand there thinking when all of a sudden they blurt out at the same time, "Let's have Mikey do it! He'll do anything!"

Mikey approaches Queen Terrensya and in a tiny voice tells her that Nerak has the evird and that the Lalas have Nerak. The Queen in just as tiny of a voice says, "You are about to lose your head." Queen Terrensya stands, picks up her oosh, turns and cries out, "I want my golden evird! Bring me my golden evird." As she exits the room, she passes King Ahtrab and says, "Mikey's lost his head. Won't you help him find it?"

©Karen A J Rinehart

Friday, April 9, 2010

I Am A Woman With A Unique Soul

(This was written in July 2004 and with a few revisions, I felt it fit this prompt. I wanted to put it on my blog because it was started because of a special lady, Ruthi, to try and get Women With A Unique Word to flourish.)

In 2003, I was browsing through the groups in Yahoo. I came upon a group that sounded interesting and joined. There I met many people. They were chatting, singing, telling jokes and were just having a lot of fun. There were many people that had welcomed me to the group. I was totally thrilled. I thought I found a place on the net that would be fun.

It was fun. I had spent 2 wonderful weeks talking to people there. There was this one lady that always took the time when I logged in to the chat room to say “Hi” and ask me how I was or how my day had gone. She listened to me when I answered her. She always made me feel welcome and I thought I had found a friend. However, into the third week, my friend that I came to care about was gone. I was terribly heartbroken. I asked around about her but, they just told me that she was no longer in the group.

Luckily, I had added her to my address book and wrote to her to see how she was and to ask her why she left. She was totally honest with me throughout my time in the group and she was just as honest when I asked her why she left. I noticed at the bottom of her emails was her signature. Amongst other web sites that she was Webmaster of or belonged to was a group called “Women With A Unique Soul”. Just the title alone made me curious as to what it was. So I emailed my friend and she told me to go and check the site out. I did! I joined!

To my amazement, in July 2003, I was welcomed to “Women With A Unique Soul” aka WWAUS with the utmost of love. As I read the messages daily, I found this group actually really cared for one another. It just wasn’t like any other group I’d ever been in. I found that this group was a group of Sisters, with a Mom that you actually called Mom and of course every house has a baby and there was a Sissy that we called Baby! I was at a time in my life that I really needed something like this. My hubby was going through some tests and I had to be out of town. I called Mom and told her. She called to check on me at the motel along with several of the other Sisters. To me this isn’t just a group on the Internet, it’s my family.

The friend that I was telling you about is my precious friend Dianna! She showed me the way to WWAUS and I’m proud to call it home. I can never thank her enough! I love all my Sisters here at WWAUS. They are all special to me. Baby Claudia, thank you for having such a wonderful dream and making it a reality! Mom, Jules, Peaches, Nina and Denise, thank you for holding me together when I needed it most. To the founders of WWAUS, Claudia, Jan, Dianna and Peaches, thank you for giving me a home away from home. To Ruthi and Dianna, thank you for helping me to realize my dream of writing, although I feel I have a long way to go. To all the Committee Leaders of Committees that I belong to, thank you for allowing me to be part of your wonderful committees. To all my Sisters not mentioned above, thank you for the laughter, tears, joy, fears and for sharing your lives with me. Thank you for listening to me with open minds and giving me advise when I didn’t know which way to turn.

©Karen A J Rinehart

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Train Whistle

Working for EMS (Emergency Medical Services) is challenging but there are times that catch you by surprise. My partner and I took a transfer to a city four hours from our home. It was a late night transfer and we wouldn't be back to our department until 8 a.m. After picking the patient up, we headed out.

Four hours later, we arrived at the receiving hospital and took our patient to the room and headed back home. We were both very tired and she decided to drive first and then I would drive the second half home.

I thought it couldn't hurt, since I wasn't driving, to close my eyes. I'm not sure how long I had them closed but when I opened them, we were on the wrong side of the road. At this hour of the morning, there wasn't much traffic, so we were very lucky. I yelled at my partner, "Are you awake?" "Yes!", she responded. We hadn't driven more than a few more miles down the road when she pulled the unit over and said, "That's it, I can't drive any further." We switched and I drove.

After a few miles, I was having trouble staying awake. The next town was only 5 miles down the road so, I decided to drive there and told her that we would be pulling over at the EMS department, I was going to have to take a short nap.

Driving at night makes me sleepy. However, when it's daylight I don't have a problem even if I am very tired. We pulled over and I set the alarm on my cell phone and immediately went to sleep. Being in the back of the ambulance, with the motor off, it became very hot in the back, so we opened the window and rolled down one of the windows in the cab for air movement.

After an hour passed, the alarm went off. I told her it was time to get back on the road. She said, "Thirty more minutes, please." I told her I was ok now and was going to head on home. I got out of the back of the unit and started it. She was still laying on the cot in the back, needing the rest since she was going to be on shift for 24 hours when we got home. I made certain that the she had the seat belts from the cot on and exited the back of the unit to get in the cab.

I sat down in the driver's seat and started the unit and put my seat belt on and told her we were on our way. Without a response, I decided that she had gone back to sleep and I drove out of the parking lot, through town and we were on our way home.

Along the way, there are two sets of train tracks that cross the highway with tracks running along the highway for several miles. We had crossed both sets by this time and now the tracks were running parallel with the highway. Trains always blow their whistle just as they are approaching an intersection tracks and roads here in the rural areas.

Thinking nothing of it, as they always did this, I was surprised to find my partner sitting in the jump seat shortly after the whistle blew. I asked her, "What are you doing up here? I thought you were going to sleep all the way home." Came the reply, "I was! But I thought you'd fallen asleep and I heard the train whistle and thought we were going to be hit by a train and I wanted to be up here instead of back there, if I was going to die."

The train whistle was loud because we had left the window on the side door of the ambulance open. If you've ever been in an ambulance, there is only a small opening between the cab and back compartment. Most of the time it is difficult to get from the back to the front. My partner had to unbuckle all three seatbelts on the cot, get up, crawl through that small area and sit down in the jump seat and she did it all in just a matter of seconds.

©Karen A J Rinehart

Saturday, April 3, 2010

In Memory of My Aunt Nadine

Yesterday, my cousin called me to let me know that my aunt had passed away early the morning of 2 April 2010. My heart shattered into a million pieces. With all the pain I was feeling at that moment, my thoughts turned to him, his brother and sister and my uncle. Although my loss was unbearable, I knew their pain was as well. I may have lost my aunt but my cousins lost their mother and my uncle lost his sister. I could honestly say I knew the pain and loss they were all feeling for I had lost my mother and my sister.

In all my naivety, I never thought I would lose someone I loved. Over the years, I've lost so many people that I've known and loved and the pain never lessens. Losing my mother at 17, I felt my world was falling apart. At 24, my father passed away and I felt the world was ending. In 2009, I lost my only sibling, my sister, and I felt another chunk of my world had slipped away which has brought me to the realization, if my husband passes away before I do, I know that my world will cease to exist.

Although grieving through the deaths of my mother, father and sister, I have always taken the time to sit and think about what they meant to me, how they changed my life along with the lives they had touched. So many of my family and friends, before death, told me that they would not be missed and that they had not really accomplished anything or made a difference in life. I find this so untrue. People touch others lives in so many different ways without knowing it. This was true of my Aunt. She touched my life in more ways than I can count.

I admired this woman. She was a wonderful aunt, sister, mother, grandmother and daughter. She achieved so much in her life. She was an RN and she raised 3 wonderful children and taught them to have morals and to care deeply about those in their lives. To this day, my cousins, are selfless and show compassion. She worried about them as children and it continued as they became adults. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for her children or those she loved. Material things are nice remembrances but I will always have something far better than material things, I had her unconditional love.

As I think of my aunt now, I think back to all the good times. Why the good times, you say? Good times because there wasn't any bad times. She was a lady of compassion that watched out after her sister, brother, nieces and friends and did for them what she could with what she had. Although she never knew, that I know of, she was a person I looked up to with great pride. She was beautiful inside and out, smart and wise far beyond her years.

Living several hundred miles apart, my husband and I visited her last year and the two years before. We took our vacation and spent a week each of those three years. She had been diagnosed with lung cancer and wasn't feeling the best but she allowed us to stay at her home. I will cherish that time with her and won't forget the special loving person she was.

She touched my life and for that I am so very grateful. I would not change the time that I spent with her other than to spend more of it with her. Although we lived many miles apart, she was always in my heart, thoughts, prayers and only a phone call away. Now I must say goodbye to her. I know her loss is felt by many and I know that I feel I shall never be the same without this wonderful woman to spend time with.

Goodbye my dear Aunt! You were my inspiration and you were loved by many and this niece misses you with a heart that is breaking. I love you, always.

©Karen A J Rinehart

Friday, April 2, 2010

Reverend Janitor

The night before my husband and I were to be married, I was packing my things so we could move them when we came back from our honeymoon. My soon to be husband was always the gentleman. He opened doors, let me enter a room first, never cursed, nor did he tell me jokes. As I was packing, I come across the notebook and made the decision to throw it away since my soon to be husband had never told me a joke in all the time I had known him.

Working as a waitress, at a truck stop, jokes were just part of the job. Everybody that I waited on was always telling me some kind of joke whether it be fit for a lady or not. Some even brought copies of them for me to read after work. Most of them found their way to a loose leaf notebook that I kept.

We married and he changed. This man, that had never told me a joke the entire time I had known him, became a joke machine. I heard every joke known to man, I'm sure.

Being a police officer meant shift work. The shifts changed each month and this particular month he was working 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. Whenever he would come home from work and share a new joke that he had heard at work or tease me in some way. We were always trying to top each other. Sometimes I would be able to but most of the time, I would lose.

He arrived home for his lunch and we sat down to eat. Halfway through, he announces to me, that the preacher that married us was not really a preacher, but the janitor of the church. He continued, "We really didn't have a lot of money, so I paid the janitor $25, to do the ceremony."

We finished lunch and he left for work thinking his attempt at a joke had failed. He didn't realize that I was in a near panic. I was trying to figure out how I was going to tell my mother that her daughter was living in sin.

After he left, I called the Reverend that married us. After the pleasantries, I asked, "Reverend Brown, you are a preacher, aren't you?" To this he replied, "Yes! Why do you ask?" I responded with, "My husband was home for lunch and he told me that you weren't a preacher. He said that you were the janitor of the church and that he paid you $25 to marry us. I'm calling to find out if you are a janitor or a preacher. I don't know what to do if our marriage isn't valid." Reverend Brown laughed and said, "I assure you that I am a preacher. You have nothing to worry about."

Late that afternoon, my husband came home from work. I met him at the door and said, "You son of a bitch! You lied to me! He is too a preacher!" Standing there stunned, mainly because he'd never heard me curse and wondering what had me upset, he said, "What?" Telling him what I did after he went back to work, he was in shock that I would actually call the Reverend and ask him if he was a janitor.

At the police department, where my husband worked, they had a program where preachers rode along on Friday nights. When my husband went back to evening shift, that Friday night, he was the officer that the preacher rode with. He was embarrassed to learn that the preacher that would be riding along with him was none other than, Reverend Brown. Reverend Brown said, "I've been called a lot of things in my profession but never a janitor."

Reverend Brown moved away and 5 years later we ran into him at the shopping mall. Much to our surprise, Reverend Brown still remembered my calling him and asking him if he was a janitor. I guess I topped my husband with that one.

©Karen A J Rinehart

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wee Alien - Part One: I am a Wee Alien!

I am Nerak, a wee alien, from the planet of Wee. Wee is one of the many planets in the system of Ihtur! I am one of the youngest wees on the planet. I am 20,000 tricons old. The oldest wee is 100,000. My species doesn't live past the age of more than 200,000. Long ago, Wees had a life expectancy of 1,000,000. After Wees reach this age, our age reverses. What you call a never ending process. This is mainly because of the Lalas. The Lalas hunt the Wees to send them to Lala Land. Lala Land lies just outside of the Ihtur system in the Ynoga system.

The Wees are taken to Lala Land as slave labor. We hunt another species called Srats. Srats, ugly little things, all purple with green ears, are food for the Lalas. Lalas are even uglier. Purple with white ears. The Wees are the best looking species in the Ihtur system. We are pink with black ears, yellow tails, green eyes and our best feature, even if we say so ourselves is our orange noses. Wouldn't you just love to meet us sometime?

I am one of the top Wee Aliens. I am in charge of keeping Wee safe. I come to earth to try to find this thing that earthlings call computers. You see we don't have anything like this on Wee. Ahtrab, King of the Wees, says that we can use them to keep us safe from the Lala. Ahtrab met with the council and told us this was what Wee needs. At this point in time, I do not know anything about them. One of the council members, Eyak, says we need electricity to run these objects. Ygg thinks we can run them on Lalas, if we peel them just right. Can't let them ooze he says.

I have come to earth in search of these computers. Any help you earthlings can give me, I would be most grateful for. I hear that a person called Ruthi know's where I can find them. Ygg says she can program them to eat the Lalas. If this were so, we would be rid of the Lalas and be our nice peaceful flog playing planet.

©Karen A J Rinehart

Monday, March 29, 2010

If I Could Time Travel

Time travel has always fascinated me so much, that I read and watch everything I can about the subject. It would be more interesting for me to travel back in time than to travel forward. There are so many people, famous and not so famous, that you could meet and ghost towns of today that were not in the 1800's.

As a genealogist, I would find time travel a wonderful tool. Searching for the elusive ancestor and hitting the proverbial brick wall is frustrating to say the least. To travel back in time and meet my ancestors would be wonderful. As a time traveler, being an enumerator for the census would be an interesting job and I would be in an ideal position to say, "Ok, make sure you are around for the census. No, I don't care that it takes you months to get somewhere by covered wagon. Census records are important, so you need to settle down somewhere before the next one."

Census records are one of many records needed to prove your lineage if you want to get into the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) or the SAR (Sons of the American Revolution). Wills, deeds, birth, death and marriage records, photos of headstones, naturalization records, passenger lists and obituaries are all documents that prove the relationship between parents and children or tell you what country your ancestors immigrated from. Passing these items down, along with stories from generation to generation is helpful. Some families are great record keepers while other families don't see the importance.

I'd love to travel back in time and meet my elusive ancestors. You better believe that I would have a thing or two to tell them...

"I know you only have a wagon, but make a will anyway and leave the danged thing to one of your children."

"You say you came to America from Germany or Ireland, make sure your children know what the name of the ship was. Designate a member of the family to be the storyteller. Tell them to pass the job on to one of their children and continue on down the line. Some day, one of your descendants will want this information."

"Teach your children that naturalization papers, birth and marriage records, deeds, diary's and papers from the old country are valuable and shouldn't be used to start a fire in the fireplace."

"So you don't want to have your photo taken. So what! Do it anyway!"

"Keep a journal. It will be interesting to your ancestors. Knowing what a day in your life was like would be so interesting to them."

I am quite certain that those elusive ancestors didn't crawl out from under a rock to have my great grandmother and crawl back under or my 3 great grandfather didn't swim to America from Ireland. There just has to be documents out there somewhere proving that they weren't dropped in America by alien beings. I just have to look in the right place. When I find them, you will need earplugs because you'll hear me shouting, "I finally found you!"

© Karen A J Rinehart

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Old Storyteller

In his own eyes, he stands tall with pride,
yet he knows he is old and weak.

He sits with hands folded in his lap,
while on the table beside him his glasses await.

Gathering around him are children,
excited to hear him speak.

He begins his story,
as tears gently fall from his eyes...

"By covered wagon, we traveled.
One room schoolhouses and floors of dirt.
Ladies with long flowing skirts.
Land as far as the eye can see."

He sighs.

In the room all alone,
no one to hear his last replies...

The Old Storyteller quietly dies.

©Karen A J Rinehart

Friday, March 5, 2010

Shut Up!

My husband became Director of Civil Defense, now known as Emergency Management, two months before we were married. Under his direction was a group called Skywarn. These were people, spotters, that went out and watched the formation of clouds and reported high winds, hail and tornadoes. The base station was located at one of the fire stations. We usually had two or three people working with one answering the phones and county radio, one talking to the spotters on the CB and the third person would be there for relief, if needed.

Not having any sirens to warn the city, he began working on correcting the situation and at the same time talking to the local CB club because they showed an interest in becoming spotters. Setting up 14 different locations around our town so that if one of the spotters saw something another could confirm it. The group also had ham operators that would go out past the range of the CB club and report back to the base station what they saw. They could also let us know if we had something really bad approaching town. Within a few months, he was able to place sirens throughout our town.

One evening dispatch called our house to let us know that we had an approaching storm. My husband and I left for the fire station to set up for weather watch. Most of the spotters were listening to their scanners and were going out and asking where they were needed. I was usually the one to call and send the spotters to their locations.

We were listening to the radio traffic, when dispatch called my husband on the radio and told him they had a possible tornado on the ground south of town. He left to check on it, leaving me to listen to the phones and answer the radio if he called. I checked with the base operator and he reported that nothing was coming in from the spotters.

During the time that my husband was at the station, the mayor and a gentleman from one of the radio stations was visiting with him. They stayed at the station after my husband left to check on the storm.

After a short time, my husband called in on the radio and reported that there was excessive hail in his area about 3 miles south of town. Spotters near his area began reporting the same. Reports kept coming in periodically from him that the hail was getting worse and he was going to have to pull off the road because visability was getting worse. Pulling off the road he noticed that several vehicles had done the same.

Not hearing from him for awhile, I began to wonder what was happening when he called on the radio. He was telling me that the hail was getting worse and at this point, I was unable to hear him very well. The mayor and the man from the radio station were in the same room with me and they are talking so loud that I was unable to hear what was being reported. I turned the volume up to hear him and they began to talk louder. I turned to them and said, "Shut up! I can't hear him." With shocked looks on their faces, they both took my advise.

With the room finally silent, I called my husband to get a report and find out if we needed to blow the sirens. When he tried to answer, I heard nothing but the sound of hail hitting his vehicle. He was driving a Plymouth Trail Duster with long window panels on both sides and a window halfway down the back. I advised him that I was unable to hear him. Without a response, we blew the sirens.

After the weather watch had ended and my husband was back in town, we became aware of the reason we were unable to hear him. The National Weather Service had reported two tornadoes in his area. One had passed to the south of his vehicle and the other one just yards away to the north. What I thought was hail hitting his vehicle was actually the winds from the tornadoes blowing his windows out. God must have been watching over him that evening.

The mayor told my husband that he'd never been told to shut up before and couldn't believe how calm I stayed with all that was going on. She just turned and said, "Shut up! I can't hear him." and went back to calmly calling you on the radio.

©Karen A J Rinehart