Saturday, January 30, 2010


Genealogy has been a passion of mine since I was very young. I used to sit at the kitchen table and ask my mother the full names of her parents, brothers and sisters and whom they married. I wrote down places, dates and children's names. I collected old photo's of family members and listened intently to the stories of aunts, uncles, grandparents and other family members.

As time passed, I found that there was more to genealogy. I began to compile all of this information and photos and found that it was far more complicated than I thought. There were societies that one could become a member of. The DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), Civil War groups and Colonial Dames to mention a few. However, I didn't realize that I would have to have documentation to back up my research if I was going to join one of these societies. How silly of me?

Today, I sit amongst pedigree charts, family group sheets,cemetery photo's, census records, will abstracts, wills, war records, pension records, family photos, books and birth, death and marriage records.

With all the research, sourcing and documenting that I have done, I'm proud to say that I have now traced my family back to my Revolutionary War ancestor.

Hoping for one ancestor that fought in the Revolutionary War, I have not only found one but eight which makes this genealogist one very happy person.

© Karen A J Rinehart

What's for Supper?

I was sitting down to breakfast one morning
After getting the milk and cereal out
Poured myself a large bowl of cereal
And with spoon in hand, ready for my first bite
I pulled the curtains back from the window
Gazing out upon my back yard
There was the most amazing site
On my lawn sat the largest silver disk
I had ever seen

Much to my surprise and amazement
Part of the silver disk began to move
Suddenly stairs appeared
Out walked two little creatures
That quickly approached my house
Opening the door and walking right in

Looking at each as if I were an alien
They promptly opened the cabinet
Grabbing two bowls they sat down at the table
Offering the cereal box from which I was eating
They poured themselves a bowl of the same
When all of a sudden one pulled out his gun
Shot me in the nose as fast as a flash
Falling to the floor I began to cuss

The room fell silently still
When one said "What is this, I am eating?"
I responded with "Cheerios."
They looked at each other and let out a roar
Something that mocked a huge laugh
They arose from the table and headed to the door

I, in my stupidity, decided to speak
By saying they were still welcome to eat
One turned to the other and grinned real big
And turned with a twist at great speed
Pulled out his gun and aimed it at me
Before letting me have it he said with a snort,
"That's not what we wanted you sleeze."

Shooting me quickly they left for the disk
And as they were boarding I heard their parting reply,
"I thought this was earth but I guess we were wrong.
Because earthlings don't eat Cheerios."
As they entered the disk way up high
I heard a female ask, "What's for supper tonight?"
The answer poured out ever so slowly, "Nut 'n' Honey!"

© Karen A J Rinehart

My Special Fellow

My mother always thought that I could do anything I wanted to do if I set my heart and mind to it. Throughout my early childhood she instilled in me the many values of life, of which one was love.

Always telling me that if I loved freely and openly, I would receive it ten fold. Who was I to question my mother? So I set out in life loving and caring deeply for those in my life.

I had parents, grandparents and siblings that loved me. I met and married a wonderful man that loves me to this day. I cherish the love that I received from those that have passed on and I am told daily, sometimes more often, of how much my husband loves me.

However, 7 years ago, I met this fellow that changed my life. He had the most beautiful brown eyes. He stole my heart and I knew I would never be able to get it back.

He was so very special. He loved me unconditionally. He would sit by me, kiss me and hug me as much as I wanted. He went places with me. We played games together, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. It would break his heart when I had to leave to go to work and be gone for hours at a time. He would eat whatever I fixed without complaining. He jumped for joy when I entered the room.

I love to write, you see. Although I do not feel that I am as good a writer as some of my friends and family that have been published. My goal and dream is to someday write a novel, poem or short story that will take someones breath away. My fellow would sit for hours and listen to what I wrote. He hung on my every word and never an ounce of criticisism crossed his lips but at the end a solitary kiss, I would receive.

My heart was broken one early October morning for my little fellow passed away. Those little bright eyes no more to shine. He wasn't there to greet me after a long day of work, nor was he there to hang on my every word. No more kisses and no more of his warm hugs.

I will always love you my little fellow. You showed me that love is something really special and wasn't meant to keep inside. Thank you, Thor, for all the love we shared.

© Karen A J Rinehart