Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's for Supper?

I was sitting down to breakfast one morning
After getting the milk and cereal out
Poured myself a large bowl of cereal
And with spoon in hand, ready for my first bite
I pulled the curtains back from the window
Gazing out upon my back yard
There was the most amazing site
On my lawn sat the largest silver disk
I had ever seen

Much to my surprise and amazement
Part of the silver disk began to move
Suddenly stairs appeared
Out walked two little creatures
That quickly approached my house
Opening the door and walking right in

Looking at each as if I were an alien
They promptly opened the cabinet
Grabbing two bowls they sat down at the table
Offering the cereal box from which I was eating
They poured themselves a bowl of the same
When all of a sudden one pulled out his gun
Shot me in the nose as fast as a flash
Falling to the floor I began to cuss

The room fell silently still
When one said "What is this, I am eating?"
I responded with "Cheerios."
They looked at each other and let out a roar
Something that mocked a huge laugh
They arose from the table and headed to the door

I, in my stupidity, decided to speak
By saying they were still welcome to eat
One turned to the other and grinned real big
And turned with a twist at great speed
Pulled out his gun and aimed it at me
Before letting me have it he said with a snort,
"That's not what we wanted you sleeze."

Shooting me quickly they left for the disk
And as they were boarding I heard their parting reply,
"I thought this was earth but I guess we were wrong.
Because earthlings don't eat Cheerios."
As they entered the disk way up high
I heard a female ask, "What's for supper tonight?"
The answer poured out ever so slowly, "Nut 'n' Honey!"

© Karen A J Rinehart


  1. I'll never look at my cereal pouring out o' the box the same again! At least you & your alien friends didn't mess with my raisin bran and honeycombs, thank you very much!

    Fun, fun, and it Karen!

  2. ROFL, now this is a great one! Thank goodness I've never seen those aliens here!