Monday, February 15, 2010

A Three Year Old's Mind

Ever wonder what goes through the mind of a 3 year old? My mother did. Mother would always get my father off to work, dress my sister and I for the day and leave us to play in the living room while she would make beds upstairs. There was only 13 months difference in our ages.

Mom came downstairs and went into the kitchen. My sister was no where to be found. One of the neighbor ladies came by and told her that my sister was up on the pole just outside the house. Back then the poles had a guide wire that went from the ground to the top of the pole. Mom headed for the back door with me in tow. There at the top of the pole sat my sister, naked. She had taken her clothes off, including her diaper.

Mom immediately started yelling for my sister to come down. Those were the days when parents used both your first and middle name when they were scared or angry at you. There she stood yelling for my sister to come down. She just sat up there on top of that pole and laughed. I'm not sure if this made her more angry or scared. The neighbor that had told mom about my sister being up there asked if she had a favorite food. Mom answered, "She likes cookies." The lady told her to try that. Mom said to my sister, "Would you like a cookie?" My sister slid down the pole right into mom's arms. I know she was relieved.

The next day, we are going through the same routine only this time, I'm supposed to watch her. Just as mom heads upstairs, I look over at my sister. She gets up from the floor and immediately heads to the kitchen. Standing in the middle of the kitchen floor and looking out the back door, she disrobes. After discarding all her clothes, she removes her diaper. And, as if in a trance, reaches up and pulls the ribbon from her hair and without even looking discards it right in the middle of her diaper. She slowly walks to the back door and opens it. Just as she exits the house, I yell, "Mom, she's going to do it again." My sister heads right for the pole and just as she's about to make her ascent, mom grabs her and they are off to the house.

Mom and I never figured out just what fascinated her about that pole but something did.

©Karen A J Rinehart


  1. Oh, this is a priceless story! Of course, after getting a cookie the first time, that may be why she did it again, for another cookie, hahaha!

    Oh how I remember my middle name being used, yipes! And, of course, used my son's middle name a time or two too!

    Great write checking to see if you submitted this to Gather..:-)

  2. Thank you, Ruthi. And, it's been posted to Gather, just now.

  3. Another winning story! For the record, I still say the first and middle names of my children if I want their full attention! I am truly enjoying your thoughts and memories, Karen!

  4. Thank you, Dianna. I'm happy that you are enjoying them. I have a long way to go to be as good as you and the others but I am working at it.