Thursday, March 4, 2010

WWAUW - March Blog Prompt #3

March Blog Prompt #3 - Write a letter to someone you love encouraging them to keep a journal and explain why you think it's so important to the ones they love.

To My Family and Friends,

I'm writing this letter in hopes of encouraging you to start keeping a journal. As you know, I have been working on genealogy for quite a few years. What does this have to do with keeping a journal? I'll try to explain.

Most of the information I find is not personal information. It doesn't tell a story like a journal would. Yes. It helps me in my journey of putting the family in this town, county, state or country. However, there is nothing personal. The information I find doesn't tell me what the weather was like on a given day. It doesn't go into detail of a family wedding or any traditions that come from the family. Most of my information is family tradition and is passed down from one family member to another. Sometimes important details get lost from one family member to another.

Keeping a journal will show those that love you what you have done during the course of keeping your journal. Whether it be months or years. It could mention the birth's of children, marriages, hardships and places they have lived or lands they have traveled to. It may cover jobs and the friends that they had during their lives.

Although the gentleman wasn't my direct ancestor but a cousin, I got to read his Civil War journal. Another was letters he had written. It showed me the importance of keeping a journal.

I know that after writing this letter to you, I am going to take the time to start a daily journal of my own. I want my family or friends that might read it to know the things I enjoyed, my pet peeves and that one of the things I enjoy most is the sound of the wind when it gently blows through a ripened wheat field or that I think it looks like a field of gold.

Love and Hugs,
©Karen A J Rinehart


  1. Karen, I keep a journal and I fully agree with your thoughts on this. I don't always remember to write in it every day but I do keep it up to date with important happenings or events that will matter to my children some day. Thanks for another wonderful blog post.

  2. I remember journaling from my English Comp class. We had to keep one during the class. I, too, found it hard to write in it every day. I am sure that my journal won't be quite as interesting as yours, but I do think it important. Thank you for reading my writing. It means so much to me.

  3. Karen, I've started & stopped personal journaling many times over my lifetime. You're letter is tempting me to start anew, tho' I'm not sure anyone will be around to want it when I'm gone..:-)

    I can so understand how your geneology would have you wanting to know the everday personal items of interest to somehow validate the people of your ancestry. And again, I applaud you being interested enough to gather all the ancestral belongings into one place for safekeeping.

  4. Ruthi, you may not have family that would be interested in your life, but you have friends. Friends that care deeply about you and would have an interest in your journals.

    Genealogy, as you know, has been a passion of mine for many years. I still am in awe of the things I am finding.

  5. OK, if I do begin another journal, I'll put your name and phone number in it, it'll be all yours!

    Loveya Karen!