Monday, April 26, 2010

Brenda - Day Three

©Karen A J Rinehart

Arriving at the hospital a little late because I stopped to get her a card and crosswords to work on. She had ordered me breakfast and when I arrived she told me, "Karen, it's cold now. Where were you?" I told her I was sorry for being late but I was going to spend the entire day with her. She smiled.

Her roommate decided to leave since I was there with Brenda and told me that if she got to go home later to let her know and she'd come back and take her home. I told her ok and she left.

Brenda was very tired. She said, "They wake you all night long to take your vitals." "I know.", I told her. She watched a little TV and dozed. I sat beside her bed and held her hand. I was still un-nerved by what had happened the day before.

Noticing her eye was turning blue and the white was red from her hitting her head the day before, I apologized to her for not being able to keep her from falling. She told me that it was ok.

Lunch was brought in around 12 p.m. and she took one look at it and said, "I don't like this many vegetables. I want a hamburger." I told her that she only had to tolerate the food today because they said she was going home tomorrow. Her meat that she had on her tray was far better tasting than mine. She was unable to cut it and I asked her if it was ok if I cut it into bite size pieces for her. Her response, "Please. Thank you." While I was cutting her meat she ate her jello. She said, "Karen, I'm going to eat my ice cream because I fainted yesterday and I didn't get to eat it. So, I'm eating it first in case it happens again. " We both laughed while she ate her ice cream.

The nurse came in with her dose of insulin and she told her she didn't want insulin. I told her that when you are a diabetic and in the hospital, they give you insulin. The nurse said, "You only have to take the insulin while you are here. When you go home you will be back on your pills." She agreed to the insulin.

Shortly after dinner, the LPN came in to give Brenda her bath. I told Brenda, "I'll wait outside at the Nurses Station, while she gives you a bath and then I'll come right back in. The LPN told me that it wouldn't be long.

In ICU they have glass doors to close for privacy or a curtain if a lot of privacy isn't needed. The LPN closed the doors and I waited for her to come and tell me I could go back in.

About 5 minutes into the bath, the LPN stepped out and asked the RN for help as Brenda needed to use the facilities. They took a wheel chair in and as they entered the room, the LPN told me, "We are taking the wheel chair in so we can move her to her room after she is finished using the facilities." I said, "Ok."


  1. As difficult as this day must have been for you, I know you hold it close to your heart. I'm so glad for you both that you were able to spend this day together, sisters...

    The hospital staff seems like they were good about letting you know what was going on, that is a good thing.

  2. As difficult as this day must have been for you, I know you'll hold the day as a special memory. I'm gald you and Brenda had this day together.

    It seems as if the hospital staff was good about keeping you infomred, that's a good thing.

  3. Karen, every moment we spend with a loved one is important and I know for a fact that I've gone over and over and over the last few days of Kyle's life. I've thought of every conversation, every smile, and God only knows how many times I've closed my eyes to feel his arms around my shoulders one last time, they same way they felt the last time I saw him smile as I was leaving to get Chris from the hospital. Thank you for sharing these intimate moments from your life.