Friday, April 9, 2010

I Am A Woman With A Unique Soul

(This was written in July 2004 and with a few revisions, I felt it fit this prompt. I wanted to put it on my blog because it was started because of a special lady, Ruthi, to try and get Women With A Unique Word to flourish.)

In 2003, I was browsing through the groups in Yahoo. I came upon a group that sounded interesting and joined. There I met many people. They were chatting, singing, telling jokes and were just having a lot of fun. There were many people that had welcomed me to the group. I was totally thrilled. I thought I found a place on the net that would be fun.

It was fun. I had spent 2 wonderful weeks talking to people there. There was this one lady that always took the time when I logged in to the chat room to say “Hi” and ask me how I was or how my day had gone. She listened to me when I answered her. She always made me feel welcome and I thought I had found a friend. However, into the third week, my friend that I came to care about was gone. I was terribly heartbroken. I asked around about her but, they just told me that she was no longer in the group.

Luckily, I had added her to my address book and wrote to her to see how she was and to ask her why she left. She was totally honest with me throughout my time in the group and she was just as honest when I asked her why she left. I noticed at the bottom of her emails was her signature. Amongst other web sites that she was Webmaster of or belonged to was a group called “Women With A Unique Soul”. Just the title alone made me curious as to what it was. So I emailed my friend and she told me to go and check the site out. I did! I joined!

To my amazement, in July 2003, I was welcomed to “Women With A Unique Soul” aka WWAUS with the utmost of love. As I read the messages daily, I found this group actually really cared for one another. It just wasn’t like any other group I’d ever been in. I found that this group was a group of Sisters, with a Mom that you actually called Mom and of course every house has a baby and there was a Sissy that we called Baby! I was at a time in my life that I really needed something like this. My hubby was going through some tests and I had to be out of town. I called Mom and told her. She called to check on me at the motel along with several of the other Sisters. To me this isn’t just a group on the Internet, it’s my family.

The friend that I was telling you about is my precious friend Dianna! She showed me the way to WWAUS and I’m proud to call it home. I can never thank her enough! I love all my Sisters here at WWAUS. They are all special to me. Baby Claudia, thank you for having such a wonderful dream and making it a reality! Mom, Jules, Peaches, Nina and Denise, thank you for holding me together when I needed it most. To the founders of WWAUS, Claudia, Jan, Dianna and Peaches, thank you for giving me a home away from home. To Ruthi and Dianna, thank you for helping me to realize my dream of writing, although I feel I have a long way to go. To all the Committee Leaders of Committees that I belong to, thank you for allowing me to be part of your wonderful committees. To all my Sisters not mentioned above, thank you for the laughter, tears, joy, fears and for sharing your lives with me. Thank you for listening to me with open minds and giving me advise when I didn’t know which way to turn.

©Karen A J Rinehart


  1. PERFECT POST to the Prompt!

    WoW! That does bring back some delightful memories! It has been a journey with our Unique Sisters for sure, a fabulous addition to our life journey.

  2. Thank you, Ruthi! We have all come a long way, haven't we?

  3. We sure have Karen! And we've a long way to go in our life journey yet m'dear, and who knows where' we'll go, what we'll do, and with whom.

  4. Okay, you have made me get all teary eyed here. Karen, I'm so glad we met in that other group so long ago. We really have come a long, long way! Love you!