Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Very Own Leprechaun

©Karen A J Rinehart, 2006

(This is one of my first poems. It was for a prompt on WWAUW.)

I have a leprechaun of my very own.
You'll find him lurking near the blarney stone.
Searching for a shamrock just for me.
And dancing round a distant tree.
He loves music and drinking green beer.
Being drunk is his greatest fear.
You see drinking makes him rather bold.
Cause the little stinker stole my gold.


  1. YOU are the Stinker! You snuck a poem in to get ahead o' me in posts this month! I'll get even with you... lemme find that li'l leprechaun and see what we can brew for you..:-)

    By the way, I love where you put my NUTso giftee!

  2. I expect you will get even. lol

    Thank you for the NUTso gift too. It's been linked also.