Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Three: Nerak Hunts Srats

©Karen A J Rinehart

Nerak couldn't believe his luck. He was having a perfectly good day on Wee. His plan, after he delivered the evird to the computer, was to play flog with Ygg and Eyak. It was his chance to use the gift that Queen Terrensya had given him, the golden eet. Instead he was on his way to Lala Land to hunt Srats.

Looking out the only window of the ship, Nerak couldn't believe how dreary it was here in the Ynoga system where the sun never shines. Lala Land only had light because they take it from the other systems. The Ihtur system had to hide their sunlight from the Lalas. Wee's sun looks like a giant sunflower. It's well known throughout the galaxy that Lalas hate flowers. Queen Terrensya is always sure to send Count Leoj a golden rose every year on the anniversary of his marriage to Countess Lorac because she knows this annoys him.

As Nerak disembarked the ship, he wondered what it was like to actually catch Srats. He'd hunted them when he was young but most Srats were elusive ugly little creatures and you hardly ever got the purple off your hands after touching one. He wasn't sure that he wanted to catch one after what he'd heard. Nerak was handed two bags and a funny looking canister. "The canister is for the dead ones, if they aren't warm. The black bag is for the dead warm ones and the white one with the holes is for the ones that are still alive. Don't mix them up or there will be Lleh to pay.", barked Lednew. Several of the Wees raised their hands with questions. Lednew responded, "There's no time for questions. Food will be served once you have returned with a successful bounty." A voice came from the back of the Wee's asking what a successful bounty was. "Who's that snarking back there?", asked Lednew. "It is I, Eedyar, from Planet Wee of the Ihtur system.", came the reply. "Shut your mouth and commence with hunting Srats or no one gets food.", barked Lednew. With much grumbling coming from the Wees, it was hard to make out what Eedyar had replied.

Nerak began searching for Srats, however, he wasn't finding any. Sitting down on a nearby rock, he began to think of home and how he missed it. Looking up Nerak saw something in the distance. Thinking it was a Srats, he got down behind the rock. Just as the being approached, Nerak jumped from behind the rock and bonked it on the head. Looking down, Nerak saw Eedyar lying there unconscious. Sitting back down on the rock, Nerak waited for Eedyar to awaken.

As Eedyar awoke so did the rock that Nerak was sitting on. Nerak looked down to find that he had been sitting on dozens of Srats. "Grab them!", said Eedyar. Nerak disgustingly replied, "You grab them!" Eedyar began grabbing Srats and placing them in the black bag. Nerak saw that he was placing them in the wrong bag and told him they needed to go in the white bag as they were still alive. With a devlish grin, Eedyar said, "Let the Lalas sort them. We are supposed to be hunting them." Nerak shook his head and sat down on the ground and reached into his pocket and pulled out the golden evird. "I will never get this back to Queen Terrensya. She will have my head for this." Eedyar was too busy collecting Srats to hear him. Nerak put the golden evird back into his pocket and picked up his hunting supplies, not realizing that he put it into the Srats hiding in his pocket.


  1. LaLas hate flowers -- hate sunflowers? No way! Horrid critters they must be! Nerak bonks Eedyar, hahaha, love it! Evird joins with Srats -- this could prove quite interesting!

    Karen, I am lovin' this Wee bit o' fun! I can't wait til the next post of your series! BRAVO for you!

  2. Yes, the Lala's hate flowers. Any kind of Well, he didn't know who it was, could have been a Srats for all he knew. Yes, Srats has the evird now. Just wait until the next one in the series.

    I'm thrilled that you are loving this. It means so much to me. Thank you for reading it and commenting.