Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sir Wuffles

With approaching severe weather today, it brought back memories of a little shih tzu, Sir Wuffles, that I had before I got Zeus and Thor.

We live in Tornado Alley and our severe weather usually begins the latter part of March and lasts on into the first week or so of September. Today we have the chance for tornadoes and hail 2 inch in diameter. Being a storm spotter, I don't much care for this kind of weather, but then who does, however, it's part of nature.

When severe weather, especially tornado watches were announced for our area, I would get things together and put them in a little bag. Things that we would need in case we were hit by a tornado or that we would need in case of an emergency. In this bag, I would put water, medication, some treats for Wuffles, his leash, flash light, extra batteries, a handheld scanner, radio, umbrella and first aid kit. Then Wuffles and I would sit down in the chair and watch TV and listen for the weather to clear or in some cases being put under a tornado warning.

In the basement, we had a closet that we didn't have anything in and was in the center of the house. Wuffles knew when I grabbed the bag and headed downstairs that it was time to go too. He would follow me down to the closet and we would sit in there until the tornado warning had passed and it was clear to come out. Sometimes we were there for as long as two hours.

One particular day, I wasn't home from work and we were put under a tornado watch. There was severe lightening in our area along with hail and high winds. I waited in the car, in front of my house, for the hail to stop and ran inside. I wasn't greeted at the stairs by Wuffles and this had me a little worried.

As I was going upstairs to get the bag, I called his name but no answer. After heading downstairs to place the bag near the closet, I continued calling for him. Worried, I went back upstairs to look under the beds to get him. By this time, we had been put under a tornado warning and I needed to get to a place of safety, but not without Wuffles.

Grabbing my purse, I took it down to the closet but this time noticed that the door to the closet was open a little. I opened the door and there on his pillow sat Wuffles. He had remembered. He was supposed to go there during a storm. After that time, whenever I came home from work or storm spotting and it had been storming outside, I would find Sir Wuffles right where he needed to be. In the safest place in the house.

©Karen A J Rinehart


  1. Awww! You trained Sir Wuffles well and he showed you how intelligent he is! That is so cool that he knew to go to the safe place in the storm.

    And, I've learned, I think, where Karen's nickname "Wuffles" comes from...sweet! Or, did he get the name from you?

  2. No, I named him Sir Wuffles. I borrowed it as a nickname. Thank you for commenting.

    He was very intelligent!