Friday, April 30, 2010

Trashed But Not Forgotten

© Karen A J Rinehart

This was written from a prompt in 2004 and it was my very first writing.

There's a pond, so blue, that sits by a beautiful park
Brightly lit by the morning sun from the bright blue sky
Great giant oak trees shading picnic tables and benches
Inquisitive deer peeking out from the nearby forest
Squirrels scurrying from tree to tree, gathering acorns as they go
Sounds of gentle rustling of trees, with leaves blowing about
Swans floating by in a pond so blue
There in this peaceful place sits a green park bench
A place for everyone to sit and dream

The wind so hard begins to blow
Skies bright blue turn gray above, no sun to shine
No deer peering through the forest and no squirrels scurrying about
Gentle rustling of trees now a distant memory
Leaves flying high in the sky, as if gathered by huge hands
Only to be dropped in the pond that's fiercely churning
Swans no longer floating by, now huddle close to one another
The green park bench is now chipped and fading

It's clearing now but things will never be the same
The beauty she saw is now old and ugly
Still an old woman in a purple sweater sits knowing deep inside
The park she loved is now trashed but not forgotten

1 comment:

  1. Oh my! I cannot help but feel like that old woman in the purple sweater at times. What a vivid verse, captivating and emotion inducing.

    And YOU say you're not a poet!