Friday, April 30, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Four: Nerak meets Wals

©Karen A J Rinehart

Arriving at the ecalap, Ygg and Eyak were about to meet with King Ahtrab and Queen Terrensya. Ygg, with a shaky voice said, "It's your turn to give the news on Nerak to them." Eyak responded, "You are just afraid you will find yourself floating in the Lanac Suez with a roht on your foot."

King Ahtrab and Queen Terrensya entered the room to find Ygg and Eyak waiting on the naved. Queen Terrensya impatiently asks, "Has Count Leoj returned Nerak?" Eyak informed the Queen that Nerak and Eedyar were still in Lala Land. The King was pleased that Eedyar was able to board the Lala's ship before it left, however, the Queen was none too pleased.

Meanwhile, back in Lala Land, Eedyar and Nerak turn in their bounty and leave to have their meal. Nerak is shocked when he finds the evening meal is Srats. Although Nerak is very hungry, he passes. Eedyar, just as hungry, piles his plate full of Srats and begins eating. Nerak's stomach churns at the thought.
"How can you eat those, Eedyar?", Nerak asks.
"Easy! Take a bite, chew and then swallow!", Eedyar relies. "You should try some, tastes like nekcihc. Shaking his head back and forth, Nerak says, "No thank you."

In the sleeping room, Nerak sits down on his cot and reaches into his pocket for the evird. To his surprise he finds a Srats instead. "What the...?" Jumping up he drops the Srats to the floor. Eedyar enters the room just as the Srats is running for the door and just as he picks up speed, scoops him up.
"Lose something, Nerak?", asks Eedyar.
"No!", denies Nerak.
"So tell me how this little guy got in here. This is a Srats free zone. The Lala's have checked this area from top to bottom and sideways. Not one inch of this area has been left unchecked." Nerak responds with, "I don't know how but he was in my pocket and the golden evird is missing. Do you think the Srats ate it?"
"Sire, you must be joking. Srats eat only fruit.", said the Srats.
"Egad! It talks!", said Nerak.
"Sire, I assure you, we are intelligent beings. Do not call me It. I have a name. I am Wals from the planet Tibdit of the Ihtur System.", said Wals.
Eedyar has no comment as he stands there holding the talking Srats.

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  1. HooRAYo for pupwups!
    It talks, hahaha, egad, indeed! Ewwww, Eedyar ate talking Srats!

    OK, what have you done with the evird? Queen Terrensya is gonna have your head for sure!

    Part 5 please!!!