Thursday, April 22, 2010


©Karen A J Rinehart

"Around and around I go"
Sure to become dizzy
"Entranced by circular flow"
"I muddle" through
"Mid ruffling"
"Of feathers"
"Fair-weathered" friends
Abound "in madness"
"And sadness" befalls me
I become "entranced by circular flow"
And once again "around and around I go"

Taken from the poem by the same title by Ruthi Cox.

Following Kimberly Blackadar's Blog/Poetry Workshop:
Borrowed poetry, or found poetry, is creating an original poem by using lines from another poem, quote, or even headlines from the newspaper as a springboard.


  1. Karen, I'm honored you used a poem o' mine for your Borrowed poem! It's a bit mind-boggling to read it your way, hahaha, but I adore it! You did good, as I knew you would!

    Again, I'm so very proud of you for all the writing you do!

  2. Ruthi, I love that poem. I'm sure it seems strange to see someone else have a different take on it. It makes me happy to know that you liked it. Thank you for the use of your poem and for being my friend.

    It makes me happy to know that you are proud of me. It's wonderful to see a dream of mine coming to life.

  3. Hello again, Karen. Thanks again for posting on my blog. It's so nice to "meet" people through their poetry! :)