Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wee Alien - Part One: I am a Wee Alien!

I am Nerak, a wee alien, from the planet of Wee. Wee is one of the many planets in the system of Ihtur! I am one of the youngest wees on the planet. I am 20,000 tricons old. The oldest wee is 100,000. My species doesn't live past the age of more than 200,000. Long ago, Wees had a life expectancy of 1,000,000. After Wees reach this age, our age reverses. What you call a never ending process. This is mainly because of the Lalas. The Lalas hunt the Wees to send them to Lala Land. Lala Land lies just outside of the Ihtur system in the Ynoga system.

The Wees are taken to Lala Land as slave labor. We hunt another species called Srats. Srats, ugly little things, all purple with green ears, are food for the Lalas. Lalas are even uglier. Purple with white ears. The Wees are the best looking species in the Ihtur system. We are pink with black ears, yellow tails, green eyes and our best feature, even if we say so ourselves is our orange noses. Wouldn't you just love to meet us sometime?

I am one of the top Wee Aliens. I am in charge of keeping Wee safe. I come to earth to try to find this thing that earthlings call computers. You see we don't have anything like this on Wee. Ahtrab, King of the Wees, says that we can use them to keep us safe from the Lala. Ahtrab met with the council and told us this was what Wee needs. At this point in time, I do not know anything about them. One of the council members, Eyak, says we need electricity to run these objects. Ygg thinks we can run them on Lalas, if we peel them just right. Can't let them ooze he says.

I have come to earth in search of these computers. Any help you earthlings can give me, I would be most grateful for. I hear that a person called Ruthi know's where I can find them. Ygg says she can program them to eat the Lalas. If this were so, we would be rid of the Lalas and be our nice peaceful flog playing planet.

©Karen A J Rinehart


  1. Well Nerak, hahaha, I am in awe of your creative talent in the fictional arena! You took this prompt and ran right to Lala Land with it, delightfully done m'dear! Thank you ever so much for the chuckle to break up the seriousness of a day! Now I'm off to find myself a flog player and see if I can get myself in the news, hahaha!

  2. You made my day to know that this made you laugh. Although it didn't fit the prompt too well, this is what came to mind when I read the prompts. One down and two more to go. lol

  3. Hey, it fits the prompt perfectly -- it's YOUR take on the prompt! You are a lover of writing fiction and have the mind and mentality to do it, hahaha, so I fully epect something like this from you! Again, love it m'dear friend!

  4. Thank you, Ruthi! I do appreciate your comments.

  5. Oh, when you're good, you're good! I really enjoyed this post and once again, I'm laughing. Girl, you have talent! I think my funny bone is officially broken now!

  6. Glad you enjoyed it, Dianna. You haven't seen anything yet. Nerak is at it again in another post. You will have to read it.