Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Eight: Marooned

©Karen A J Rinehart

"Stay out of the caves, if you know what's good for you!", mocks Eedyar as he pulls a device from his pocket and looks it over. He knew he had promised Queen Terrensya that he wouldn't use it but that was before the Lalas took Nerak. After all, he'd been using it ever since the King and Queen had made him Nerak's bodyguard. He places the device back into his pocket and looks around for a place to sleep.

Heading to the Ikit Rab, Lednew says aloud, "He fell for that story, kooh,enil, and reknis. I couldn't stop them.", he laughs. Lednew notices that a bright pink light has appeared. Unlike anything he's ever seen before. Not able to stop himself, Lednew reaches out for it. He suddenly finds himself falling. Just before he hits the ground, he finds himself saying aloud, "I must keep my thoughts to myself." As the bright pink light ascends, a voice is heard saying, "Queen Terrensya knows all. Sees all." Lednew enters the Ikit Rab and bids Lala Land goodnight.

Wals and Nerak decide to sleep inside the ship. "Sire, we will be much safer in here tonight.", says Wals. Too tired to argue the point, Nerak agrees. Wals snuggles down in Nerak's pocket, while Nerak makes his way to the nearest seat on the Adnerb. Looking out the window, Nerak wonders where Eedyar is and hoping he hasn't gotten himself lost.

Word has come from Count Leoj and it isn't good. The Adnerb that was carrying Nerak and Eedyar has crashed on an unknown planet in the Ynoga system. Queen Terrensya is in tears as Eyak, Ygg and King Ahtrab try to comfort her. "Nerak! ", cries the Queen. "You must find my son. I can not lose another." King Ahtrab assures the Queen that she will not lose Nerak.

Still stumbling around in the dark, Eedyar spots a cave. Entering the cave he looks around for a place to sleep. "Wals must be wrong about these caves. They are harmless.", says Eedyar as he kicks a nearby rock to make sure it isn't alive. Soon after he sits down he falls asleep.

Wals scampers from Nerak's pocket with his tail brushing the tip of Nerak's nose. "What the...", says Nerak half asleep. "Wakey! Wakey! It's morning.", greets Wals.
"Morning? How can you tell? It's still dark out.", says Nerak.
"What's for breakfast?, asks Wals. Ignoring Wals, Nerak walks out the door of the Adnerb to greet the day. "Day?", thinks Nerak.

Awaking in the Ikit Rab, Lednew thinks to himself, "What an odd dream?" Dreaming of pink lights and Queen Terrensya was an odd mix. Walking outside, Lednew is met by Nelag, secretary to the count. "Count Leoj wishes your presence, sir.", states Nelag. "What is it this time?", barks Lednew.
Cowering, Nelag states, "I do not know sir. I was asked to locate you and give you the message."
"So! You've given me the message. Be gone with you.", barks Lednew. "I am afraid that I must know the approximate time of your arrival before the Count.", says Nelag. "I will be there when he see's me.", barks Lednew as he kicks Nelag out of his way. "I hate Wee Aliens!", states Lednew.

Awakened by a pain in his big toe, Eedyar looks down to see what it is. In the darkness he's not quite sure what it is that he sees. Grabbing it, he throws it against the wall of the cave. Running from the cave, Eedyar realizes that he's being chased by someone or something. A whole lot of someone or something.


  1. I'd have to smack anything or anyone that has the nerve to say, "Wakey! Wakey!" as my good morning -- even my dogs know better, LOL

    Eedyar has it comin' to him, whatever "it" is! He should have heeded the warning not to go in the cave!

    Is the Queen going to have Lednew's head???

    (Nitey Nite JR!)

  2. ROFL, what a wonderful piece of writing. I appreciate the smile you left me.

  3. I'll have to remember not to call you and say, "Wakey! Wakey!" ROFL

    I'm not certain yet just what the Queen is going to do about Lednew. Hopefully, it will be interesting.

    (JR, said Nitey Nite to you.)

  4. Thank you, Dianna. It's good to know that it made you smile.