Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Five: Nerak Leaves for Planet Wee

©Karen A J Rinehart

Coming out of his trance, after finding out that the Srats could talk, Eedyar hands Wals to Nerak who reluctantly takes him. Placing Wals into his pocket, Nerak asks Eedyar, "Where do you think the golden evird is?" Eedyar just shrugs his shoulders.

Nerak and Eedyar are contemplating escaping Lala Land when Eedyar asks, "Have you ever flown a Adnerb before, Nerak?"
"No, I haven't." replied Nerak.
"I know how to fly an Adnerb!", came the muffled voice of Wals.
"Be quiet!", said Eedyar.
"Sure! Don't listen to the only one with brains in the group.", replied Wals.

Bursting through the door came Lednew. "Get yourselves to the ship at once.", bellowed Lednew. "Count Leoj wants you on the next ship to Planet Wee." As fast as Lednew arrived, he left to ready the ship for their journey to Planet Wee.

All the way to the ship, Wals kept asking, "Are you taking Wals with you to Planet Wee?" After hearing this five times, Eedyar told Nerak, "I should have stopped and picked us up a plate of Srats for our journey. Oh, I don't have to. You have a Srats in your pocket. Wals didn't say another word the rest of the way to the ship.

Eedyar wondered why Lednew was taking them back to Planet Wee. Queen Terrensya must have said something to Count Leoj about Nerak or perhaps the Count had seen him in Lala Land. He knew that the Count didn't want Nerak in Lala Land.

Nerak was looking at his hands and asked, "How am I ever going to get this purple off my hands?" Eedyar laughed and said, "Remove the Srats..."
"Wals.", stated Wals.
"Remove Wals from you pocket, hold him by the ears, upside down and tickle him."
Nerak does as he's told. Wals begins to leak profusely from his mouth. Nerak gets it on his hands.
"E....yuk! I have Srats spit on my hands.", says Nerak.
Looking at Nerak, Wals replies, "Sire, you may have Srats spit on your hands but they are no longer purple."

Laughing at Wals, they notice that the ship is shaking vigorously. Nerak asks, "What's happening?" Eedyar walks to the bridge only to find that Lednew isn't there. Searching the ship, Eedyar comes to the relization that they are the only ones on the ship. As the ship continues to spin out of control, Eedyar goes back to Nerak and Wals.
"Okay, you little runt of a Srats! You said you could fly this thing and now is your chance.", says Eedyar.
"I said I knew how to fly one, not that I could.", cried Wals. "We are going to die! I only wanted to get off of Lala Land."
Nerak told Eedyar and Wals that their only chance was for them to try and fly the Adnerb to Planet Wee. As they headed for the bridge, the ship began to lose altitude. They were crashing on the planet below and it wasn't Planet Wee.


  1. Ewwww, Srats spit! I'd rather have to explain the purple hands! Have you heard the saying, "You're slicker than cow spit on a doorknob?" That's what I pictured, hahaha!

    Adnerb ... I like that... and I believe, so would she...:-) Well, as long as they don't crash land, gheesh!

  2. I would never be able to put this together the way you do. I love the stories and appreciate the chance to read them!

  3. They don't crash, Ruthi. As you will see in the latest one. :)

    Thank you for your comments.

  4. I bet you could put them together. It just takes a brain that is warped. Mine is for sure. lol I'm glad you are enjoying them, Dianna. Thank you for your comments.