Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Seven: On Planet Ostun

©Karen A J Rinehart

Count Leoj is relieved that Lednew is on his way to Planet Wee and that Nerak will arrive unharmed. He was quite content knowing when Lednew returned, that Nerak would be back on Planet Wee and he'd have his head tomorrow. Dealing with Queen Terrensya was certainly not to his liking.

Bursting through the door, Lednew entered shouting, "I couldn't stop them. They stole the Adnerb and left for Planet Wee." Turning around to face Lednew, Count Leoj responded nervously, "Who is piloting the ship?"
"No one. I set the controls for the ready and quickly went to get some spam. When I returned, the Adnerb was gone.", stated Lednew.
"Stop shouting, Lednew. We will figure this out. We have to figure this out.", said the Count scratching his head in thought.

Noticing the planet is becoming larger in the viewer, Wals starts running around on the console flipping switches, pushing buttons, turning knobs and dials. Eedyar sees what he is doing and goes over to the console and flicks him off with his finger. "What are you doing? Have you gone daft? You are going to make us crash faster." Just as fast as Wals exited the console, he returns saying, "I saw this at the amenic one time. Really, Sire, you must put Eedyar on a leash. He's out of control."

Nerak sits in the pilots seat and tells Eedyar, "I am quite certain that we are going to crash. So, let Wals have his fun. What can it hurt?"
"But...", says Eedyar as Nerak interrupts. "Wals said he knew how to fly the Adnerb, so maybe he's flying it."
"Yeah, right!", says Eedyar disgusted.

Suddenly the ship comes to an abrupt stop just a few feet above the planet, tossing Nerak and Eedyar to the deck of the ship. Wals turns to Eedyar and says, "Ptttthhhhtttt!" Eedyar looks at Nerak, then grabs at Wals and says, "Time for a Srats snack!" Wals runs and jumps into Nerak's pocket and settles down while he pulls his treasure from his pouch for a look. With a confident smirk, he places it back in his pouch sure that no one in Lala Land knows that he has it.

With the Adnerb now hovering just inches above the planet, Eedyar reaches over and shuts the power off. The engines are winding down as they are leaving the ship. Nerak and Eedyar are few feet from the ship when Wals says, "Sire, I have it. This is Planet Ostun. Wees lived here many tricons ago. Just then the ship drops to the ground with a loud thud. "Way to go jolgoat.", says Wals to Eedyar who continues walking and ignoring the Srats. Wals continues, "After the Lalas came so did the rebellion. The Wees and Lalas fought over this planet for 20,000 tricons. Eventually, the Wees moved to another planet but always stayed in the Ihtur system.

The Lalas made a planet, in the Ynoga system, their base planet. It is said that a Wee Alien lives among the Lalas. Why?, asked Nerak.
"Sire, legend has it that the Lalas have two ancient statues that belong to the Wee Aliens. The statues are very important.", stated Wals. "It is further said that the Lalas kidnapped the King and Queen's newborn son and are raising him in Lala land.
"That is a bunch of hooey booey. How do you know so much about Wee history?", says Eedyar. While turning to walk away, he falls over something in the ground. "Sugaration!", shouts Eedyar. "Blasted planet! Dark, cold and now I'm tripping over Dog knows what!", he mumbles.
"Eedyar, you okay?", a concerned Nerak asks.
"I'm finding a place to sleep far away from that Srats.", states Eedyar.
"You'll stay out of the caves, if you know what's good for you!", Wals shouts as Eedyar disappears into the dark.


  1. OhHo, Evird in a pouch, so that's where it disappeared to!

    Planet Ostun... ya know I love it..:-)

    "Sugaration!" I'm gonna be usin' that one a lot, LOL And "Dog knows what" hahaha! I trip over a lot o' that in the back yard, hahaha!

    Caves? Hmmmm... wonder if Eedyar will heed the Wals warning... probably not, he's a man, LOL

    Karen... I love this latest in the Wee Series!

  2. Are you kidding me? Eedyar never does as he's told. LOL

    Ruthi, I'm so happy that you are enjoying the Wee Series. Thank you for your comments.