Friday, May 14, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Six: To Crash or Not to Crash

©Karen A J Rinehart

Standing before the statue of the ancient Gods, Zeus and Thor, Queen Terrensya asks them to bring Nerak and the golden evird home to Planet Wee safely. King Ahtrab walks up and stands before the Queen.
"Count Leoj sent word that Nerak and Eedyar have boarded the adnerb and will be leaving shortly.", says the King trying to console her.
"If the Count knows what is best for him, Nerak will arrive yadot.", states the Queen.
"Otherwise, he shall lose his head.", she says, as King Ahtrab thinks the exact words.
"I want my golden evird.", she states.

Ruthi is making some adjustments to the program she's working on for Nerak. She notices that there is something odd with the research she has done on the ancient statues on Planet Wee. Noticing that there is a hole in Zeus' right paw, she zooms in on the photo to take a closer look. Suddenly she realizes she has seen a similar hole like this before on the statue of Thor. "What could it be?", she wonders aloud, as she continues to search the computer for any new information on Zeus and Thor.

Since the search is taking awhile, she decides to step away for a cup of coffee. Just as she leaves, the computer screen comes alive and shows a photo of Zeus, Thor and two unknown statues. Not much information comes up on the screen about the two unknowns. Except, they are the same shape as the Gods, only smaller in size.

The sunflower, that brings light to Planet Wee begins to close on yet another day. Queen Terrensya stands on the balcony of the Ecalap and watches, in sadness, as the petals close, turning it into a bud once again. With a sigh, she turns to see King Ahtrab sneaking past the door.
"Where do you think you are going?", she demands.
"Nowhere.", replies the King.
"Any news from Count Leoj?", she asks.
"No, I haven't any news.", he says.
She picks up Taranis, her oosh, and heads off to the sleeping room. As she passes the King she says, "Count Leoj is going to be upset when he loses his head."
"I know.", shudders the King, as he watches the fireflies come together to form the moon.

The adnerb that Eedyar, Nerak and Wals is on continues to spin out of control. Eedyar tries desperately to find out their location. Nerak tells Eedyar, "I've never seen this planet on any of the spam before. Nodding in agreement, Eedyar looks at Wals in disgust. Knowing that the Srats could do something about the ship and isn't doing anything really makes him uneasy. Wals is looking over the spam and tells Eedyar and Nerak, "This looks familiar. Sire, this is a very old planet." Nerak and Eedyar brace themselves for impact on the planet below while Wals runs for the console.


  1. Oh, I love "the fireflies come together to form the moon." Pure poetry there, m'friend!

    OK, what's with the holes in the paws? And I love the use of "spam."

    Wals to the rescue, hooRAYo! I think, I hope! You'll let us know in the next episode, I think, I hope, LOL (Ray Dee, help me out here, I know you'll know before I do!)

  2. pss...I gotta tell ya... every time I visit your blog I smile... gotta love that sunshine!

  3. I've always associated fireflies with the moon for some reason. Glad you thought it was poetic.

    Won't find out for awhile about the holes in the paws. I hope you find it interesting when you do.

    You hope, you think, Wals comes to the rescue? Wals coming to the rescue? Interesting concept. lol

    (Ray Dee thinks it would be nice to know what is going on before anyone else, but he doesn't yet.)
    And, you have a whole week to wait for the next one. Too funnee!

    Thank you so much for your comments. The fact that you actually like this makes me happy.

  4. I'm so happy that my blog makes you smile. If I never make a cent on what I write, knowing I made you smile, is payment enough.

    Thank you for your friendship. It's priceless.