Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Detest Spiders

©Karen A J Rinehart

Coming home from running errands today, I grabbed the things from the car. After unlocking the front screen door, I noticed a spider the size of me on the door. Jumping up and down and dropping everything I had in my hands, I picked up the nearest thing I could grab, a spade and proceeded to hit at the beast. I continued my jumping up and down and hitting at the spider when he decided that it was time to vacate the outside of the door and proceed inwards away from the attacking woman with the hatchet.

Realizing my neighbors were probably laughing themselves silly, I began gathering my items and approached the door again. Reaching for the screen door, I opened it ever so slowly and looked to see if it was still lurking around. Sure enough, there it was hanging, this time from the web it had spun on my window of the screen door. Thus commenced the jumping, dropping and screaming. I grabbed my little hatchet and began hitting at it and saying, "Die. Die, you little beast." But, all the screaming, jumping and hitting didn't phase the little beast.

I decided to call in the spider killer. I rang my husband on the phone and asked him if he was going to be home soon. He told me he was almost finished with his errands and would be there shortly, while apparently intrigued by the sound of my voice decided to ask, "Is something wrong?"

"Yes, there is something wrong. I have a spider as big as me on the screen door and I can't seem to kill it. I want you to come home and kill it for me so I can go inside."

It will be a little bit and I'll be right there. Are you outside?"

"No. I'm inside and that is why I'm complaining about not being able to go inside because there's this big ass spider lurking on my door," I told him.

"I'll be there shortly," he said.

"Fine," I said.

Eventually, after much complaining, out loud, I decided to brave it and enter the house complaining all the while about the huge spiders, mosquitoes, tripping over the outside cats, etc. After finally getting inside, I began to feel that something was crawling on me. So, more jumping, swatting and such commenced.

I'm quite certain, if they were watching, that the neighbors thought I was doing a rain dance of some sort. I detest spiders with a passion and I detest having to kill the little beasts. "Why," you ask. Well, some of those little buggers jump and I wasn't in the mood to tackle a beast as big as me.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Twelve: Ygg and Eyak Search for Nerak and Eedyar

©Karen A J Rinehart

Ygg and Eyak bid farewell to the King, Queen and Planet Wee in search of Nerak and Eedyar and head for the Neleh. Entering the Neleh, Ygg asks, "Who's going to be the pilot this time?"

"I think it is my turn," responds Eyak.

"But, I thought you were the pilot last time," whines Ygg.

"I'll race you to the console," says Eyak.

Eyak and Ygg race to the console but they both lose because the Neleh is being piloted by a droid. "Drats," says Eyak. "I forgot. The Neleh is always piloted by a droid."

"Your tough luck, Eyak," laughs Ygg.

"Right. You are the one that chose the Neleh. We could have taken the Amla and one of us could have been the pilot," gripes Eyak. "You just don't know how to pick the ships."

Sitting down at the table, Eyak brings out the spam and spreads them out on the table. Both are looking over the spam and wondering which planet to start their search. "I think we should start with Ostun, Ygg. It is the closest planet to Lala Land."

"No. Too obvious. I think we should begin with this planet. It's a pretty color," says Ygg.

"You don't pick a planet by its color," Eyak says as he rolls his eyes.

"Why would you pick Ostun, then? You know it is just full of trab and the Lalas use it for a prison now," argues Ygg.

"Lets ask the droid to pick the one where we should start," says Eyak. Heading to the console, Ygg and Eyak ask the droid to point to the planet that it thinks they should start with. The droid looks at the spam as if in deep thought and finally points to the planet of its choice. They both look at the spam and can not believe the planet the droid chose. "Why that's Citsym," pouts Ygg. "Why didn't it pick the pretty planet? I want to go to the pretty planet. I am certain that they are there." Ygg continues to whine as Eyak gives orders to the droid.

"Lay in a course for Citsym, droid," says Eyak. "Whining isn't going to get you anywhere, Ygg." Ygg pulls the gift from Queen Terrensya from his pocket and looks at it, presses the button and says, "I am hungry." Looking up from the device, Ygg sees a bright green light and realizes that Eyak has disappeared.

Lednew watches as flames and smoke come from the Thistle. "I can't believe this. What a waste of a good ship. Now, where did that srats get off to? I'm hungry."

Gathering his belongings, Lednew sets out for the post. Hoping to make it before dark. The mountains in the distance prove to him that he won't make it to the post before dark. The post lies just past the mountains. Searching for a place to sleep, Lednew sees a cave. Knowing that he can make it to the cave before dark he heads straight for it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Eleven: Lednew Arrives on Ostun

©Karen A J Rinehart

Ygg and Eyak meet with the King and inform him that their Neleh is ready and they will be leaving shortly for the Ynoga system in search of Nerak and Eedyar. King Ahtrab informs them that Queen Terrensya is awaiting their arrival so that she can bid them farewell and bestow a gift upon them for their trip. "A gift", questions Eyak.

"For us?", continues Ygg. The three of them jump in the transport and head over to the Ecalap.

Lednew boarded the Thistle and was handed a srats. "What is this for", questioned Lednew. "Food for my journey?"

"No", said the guard droid. "You will be holding him during your flight. He will turn your hands purple."

"Like I didn't know that, you tin can", barked Lednew. "And, why do my hands have to be purple?"

"All prisoners of Ostun have to have purple hands before landing", stated the guard droid. "This way we can tell prisoners from others on the planet." Lednew just stood there holding the srats in his hands, drooling, for a moment before boarding the ship.

Ygg, Eyak and King Ahtrab arrive at the castle and go into the ecalap to see the queen. They enter the great room to find the queen sitting with her oosh, Taranis, on the naved. Smiling the queen stands to greet them. "You don't know how pleased I am that you are going to find Nerak. For this, I am grateful and have a gift for each of you", says the Queen Terrensya. "Step forward so I may present them to you". Ygg and Eyak step up and bow to the queen.

"Here are your gifts", she says handing each of them a little device. "These are to be used with discretion and not for personal gain. If you use them to benefit yourself in a way that I am not happy with, you will be punished."

"What is it", questions Eyak.

"What does this button do", asks Ygg pushing it. Just then the room turns a very bright green and King Ahtrab disappears. "What a pretty bright green light. Where is the King?"

"Now you've gone and done it, Ygg", says Eyak.

"What did I do", asks Ygg innocently. Just then a bright light of gold flashes and King Ahtrab reappears.

"What you think or say sets the light into motion as you push the button", says the queen. "Now be on your way. Please bring Nerak home safely."

Arriving on Ostun, Lednew gathers his things and gets ready to disembark the Thistle. Once the door opens, Lednew knows he only has moments to get as far away from the ship as possible. As the door opens, Lednew moves towards the exit to disembark, while the srats on board scampers from the ship to safety. Lednew begins to run towards the mound of nearby rocks. Just as he jumps to safety, the Thistle explodes. "Guess I'm here for awhile", grumps Lednew.

"More like a few tricons", mocks the srats.

"Lunch", says Lednew as he grabs for the srats, which just escapes his grasp.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Ten: Wals Returns

© Karen A J Rinehart

After hearing what he thinks is thunder, Eedyar comes out of the clothes compartment to investigate. Approaching the ship door, he hesitates as he sees Wals being snatched up and eaten by this huge creature. Nerak stands there in shock, unable to move.

Eedyar decides he has to take action or Nerak will be next. He runs to Nerak and grabs him and heads for the ship, half dragging Nerak. As they enter and shut the door, the Trab turns and with one quick swoosh of his tail, sends the ship bouncing across the planet landing in rocks at the base of the mountain.

"Nerak, are you ok?" Eedyar asks, with no response from Nerak.

Trying to get up, Eedyar realizes that he is trapped under the battered console. Unable to move his legs, Eedyar calls out for Nerak again. "Nerak, I'm trapped. Are you okay?" Hearing only moans from Nerak, Eedyar is relieved that he is at least alive. Trying to get out of his current predicament, Eedyar is relieved to hear Nerak talking.

"Wals, where are you?" Nerak voices his concern.

"Wals isn't in the ship, Nerak. Are you hurt? Can you come and help me?" Eedyar repeats, "I'm trapped!"

"Wals, I must find him," says Nerak.

A bright pink light appears and surrounds Eedyar and he finds himself free of the console. To his surprise he's okay and nothing is broken. Locating Nerak, Eedyar asks, "Nerak, are you okay or not?"

"I am ok. Just hit my head and I can't find Wals."

"Wals isn't here. That large creature ate him," says Eedyar.

"Oh, yes, that's right," answers Nerak. "Those creatures are called Trab."

"I'll be back, I'm going to check out the area. Stay in the ship until I return," states Eedyar.

"No problem," replies Nerak.

Leaving the ship, Eedyar checks for damage and realizes that they have some work ahead of them to ready it. He turns to head back inside when he hears thunder. "Great! We are going to have to deal with a storm." Entering the ship, he finds Nerak right where he left him. "By the sound of the thunder outside, we are in for a pretty bad storm," says Eedyar.

Looking outside through the viewer, Nerak says, "Without a cloud in the sky? I don't think so. We need to get out of here. That is a Trab approaching." Leaving the ship, they hide in the rocks.

Within seconds of them getting to the rocks, the Trab arrives at the ship. Looking around as if searching for Eedyar and Nerak, the Trab turns towards the ship and promptly heats it with his flaming breath.

"Great," whispers Eedyar. "We won't be going in there for awhile."

As the Trab turns to leave, a bright pink light appears and envelops the Trab. Inside, Wals sees the pink light and reaches out and touches it. "How beautiful," states Wals.

The light disappears almost as fast as it appeared. Wals finds himself in the rocks next to Nerak and Eedyar. Nerak grabs Wals and hugs him. Wals begins to squirm and says, "Wals does not like hugs!"

"I am sorry," says Nerak. "I am just so glad to see you after the Trab ate you."

As Eedyar watches the reunion, he mumbles to himself, "With so many different colors, why does my light have to be pink?"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gone Now, Many Years

©Karen A J Rinehart

On a rainy night, in the little coffee shop, she sits waiting for him. As she looks up from her coffee, from the table she is sitting, she notices him peering through the window at her. He hurriedly opens the door and rushes to her side, kissing her tenderly.

"My days are long and lonely without you", he whispers in her ear. As she smiles and looks into his eyes, they sit at the table together. "I have a surprise for you", he tells her. She smiles and her eyes light up, wondering what it is. In her childlike excitement, she reaches for her gift. Taking it from him ever so gently, she clutches it to her chest. "For me", she says almost questioning. "Yes", he replies, with joy in his eyes, as he watches her open her gift. As she removes the paper, she asks, "What is it"? Smiling, he says, "It's a radio, my dear. Now, you will be able to hear me when I work." He bolts upright from the table and says, "I must leave you now. I have to meet someone for dinner." He kisses her goodbye with all the tenderness he can muster and tells her, "I will be back soon. Nothing will ever keep me from you." As he reaches the door, he turns and blows her a kiss.

She stands and gathers her gift as she watches him get into his car, noticing that he is not alone, but with a lady. She stands, watching and begins to cry. Knowing his favorite restaurant, she leaves to see for herself who the lady is.

Sitting at a nearby table, she goes un-noticed by him as he enters laughing, with the lady on his arm. She watches as they are seated in a very romantic spot. They order and he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little box. Handing it to the lady, he says, "Will you marry me?" To which she replied, "Of course, I will be your wife."

Not knowing when she left or how she got back to the little coffee shop, she sat all alone and crying. She knew much time had passed but was uncertain of how much. Thinking to herself, she wondered how he could ask another to marry him, when he knew that she loved him more than life itself and knowing in her heart that he loved her that much too. Through her tears, she reached for her handkerchief, laying on the table and wiping the tears from her eyes, she looked up to see him standing there with tears streaming down his cheeks.

"How could you ask another to marry you? My heart, my soul, you know to you they belong", she said. Reaching for her hand and taking it in his he replied, "My darling, you know that I may never marry you. You know that we, a man and wife, can never be." With a look of disbelief upon her face, she looked at him through tears and asked, "But, why? Do you not love me?" Cupping her chin in his hand, so to look into her beautiful sky blue eyes, he replied, "I've loved you for a lifetime and then some. You are the air that I breathe. But, we must look at this in a realistic manner. Being of flesh and blood, my love, one must choose to marry the same." He stood and held out his hand for hers. As she gave him her hand, she said, "I know". Walking to the mirror that hung on the wall, he said, "Look at us and tell me what you see". Raising her head and looking first at him, she smiled and slowly looked into the mirror. "You see, my love, we are not the same". Shocked by what she saw or rather didn't see, she turned and looked into his eyes and said, "But, I can feel your hands. The warmth of your kisses. How can this be?" Taking her in his arms one last time, he replied, "You are a ghost, my love. Gone now, for many years."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Nine: Trabs

©Karen A J Rinehart

Reaching the ship, a breathless Eedyar greets Nerak. "Morning, Nerak.", says Eedyar as he hurriedly enters the ship, opens a compartment door and steps inside. Nerak watches as he shuts the door behind him. "What are you doing in there, Eedyar? That's a clothes compartment."
"I was sleeping and I awoke with something nibbling on my toes.", whispered Eedyar.
"Did you kill it?", asks Nerak.
"No. I threw it against the cave wall.", said Eedyar.
"The cave wall? You didn't listen to Wals about not going into the caves?", continues Nerak.
"No. I'm not in the habit of taking advice from Srats.", states Eedyar. "Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm very busy...hiding." Leaving the ship, Nerak looks around for Wals. Without a sign of him anywhere, Nerak begins to worry.

Getting tired from searching for food, Wals decides to rest for awhile near some rocks. Thinking he'll be safe, he decides to take a pan. "Wals thinks he is lost. Wals is going to rest before continuing to the ship.", he says aloud.

Lednew arrives to see Count Leoj. "It's about time you got here.", says the Count. "The Adnerb that was carrying Nerak and Eedyar has crashed on an unknown planet, here in the Ynoga system. What do you have to say for yourself?"
"I didn't figure that Wees would know how to fly an adnerb.", says Lednew.
"You told me that they stole the ship, Lednew. Why would you tell me that when it was you that set the ship for the ready?", says Count Leoj.
"I didn't do any such thing. I went to get the spam and upon my return they were gone.", says Lednew.
"Because you made sure that the ship would take off before you got back. I won't stand for this, Lednew. You are my most trusted soldier and you have let me down.", says the Count.
"I did no such thing, Count Leoj.", says Lednew.
"I am placing you under arrest for the attempted redrum of Nerak and Eedyar. You will be sentenced and sent to Ostun for an undetermined amount of tricons. Guards, take him away.", said Count Leoj.
"But....", says Lednew.

King Ahtrab goes to the council for help in locating Neraks missing ship. Ygg and Eyak tell the King that they want to be the ones to find Nerak and Eedyar. King Ahtrab is pleased and helps them to make plans for the search. "Give our regards to Queen Terrensya.", Ygg and Eyak say in unison.

Wals awakens from his pan. Standing he sees something on his leg. A really ugly something. Taking a closer look, it appears to be a dragon like creature with a tongue like a frog. Maroon in color with lime green scales and bulging red eyes. Reaching for it he realizes he has them on both legs, arms, ears and his tail. "Wals has trabs!", cries Wals.

Arriving at the ship, Wals asks Nerak to help him. Nerak sees that Wals is covered with something and asks, "Wals, what are those?"
"They are baby trabs.", states Wals.
"They are ugly little things.", says Nerak.
"Be careful what you say, sire. The adults take offense when criticized."
"Adults?", says Nerak.
"Oh, yes, sire.", says Wals, "Please help me remove them."
"How do I do that?", asks Nerak.
"Carefully, sire.", says Wals. "Grab their tails and gently pull. They won't be able to keep their grip." Nerak takes a hold of one of the ones on Wals' tail. just as he grabs a hold of the baby trabs tail, fire comes out of the mouth and singes Wals' tail. "Be careful! That doesn't grow back!", cries Wals. After removing all the trabs from Wals, the trabs slowly fly off.

Nerak tells Wals that those must be what Eedyar saw when he was in the cave. "Eedyar is hiding in the ship."
"He better hide.", says Wals.
"Is there a problem?", asks Nerak.
"Oh, yes, sire. One never enters the caves on Ostun. That is where...", Wals is interrupted by a very loud noise.
"Sounds like thunder, Wals.", says Nerak.
"No, sire, I don't think it is thunder.", states Wals. Looking up, Wals tells Nerak, "No, sire, that is definitely not thunder." Also, looking up, Nerak says, "What is...." Before Nerak can move, the creature snatches Wals up and promptly swallows him. "Yummmmm!", says the Trab, looking next at Nerak.