Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gone Now, Many Years

©Karen A J Rinehart

On a rainy night, in the little coffee shop, she sits waiting for him. As she looks up from her coffee, from the table she is sitting, she notices him peering through the window at her. He hurriedly opens the door and rushes to her side, kissing her tenderly.

"My days are long and lonely without you", he whispers in her ear. As she smiles and looks into his eyes, they sit at the table together. "I have a surprise for you", he tells her. She smiles and her eyes light up, wondering what it is. In her childlike excitement, she reaches for her gift. Taking it from him ever so gently, she clutches it to her chest. "For me", she says almost questioning. "Yes", he replies, with joy in his eyes, as he watches her open her gift. As she removes the paper, she asks, "What is it"? Smiling, he says, "It's a radio, my dear. Now, you will be able to hear me when I work." He bolts upright from the table and says, "I must leave you now. I have to meet someone for dinner." He kisses her goodbye with all the tenderness he can muster and tells her, "I will be back soon. Nothing will ever keep me from you." As he reaches the door, he turns and blows her a kiss.

She stands and gathers her gift as she watches him get into his car, noticing that he is not alone, but with a lady. She stands, watching and begins to cry. Knowing his favorite restaurant, she leaves to see for herself who the lady is.

Sitting at a nearby table, she goes un-noticed by him as he enters laughing, with the lady on his arm. She watches as they are seated in a very romantic spot. They order and he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little box. Handing it to the lady, he says, "Will you marry me?" To which she replied, "Of course, I will be your wife."

Not knowing when she left or how she got back to the little coffee shop, she sat all alone and crying. She knew much time had passed but was uncertain of how much. Thinking to herself, she wondered how he could ask another to marry him, when he knew that she loved him more than life itself and knowing in her heart that he loved her that much too. Through her tears, she reached for her handkerchief, laying on the table and wiping the tears from her eyes, she looked up to see him standing there with tears streaming down his cheeks.

"How could you ask another to marry you? My heart, my soul, you know to you they belong", she said. Reaching for her hand and taking it in his he replied, "My darling, you know that I may never marry you. You know that we, a man and wife, can never be." With a look of disbelief upon her face, she looked at him through tears and asked, "But, why? Do you not love me?" Cupping her chin in his hand, so to look into her beautiful sky blue eyes, he replied, "I've loved you for a lifetime and then some. You are the air that I breathe. But, we must look at this in a realistic manner. Being of flesh and blood, my love, one must choose to marry the same." He stood and held out his hand for hers. As she gave him her hand, she said, "I know". Walking to the mirror that hung on the wall, he said, "Look at us and tell me what you see". Raising her head and looking first at him, she smiled and slowly looked into the mirror. "You see, my love, we are not the same". Shocked by what she saw or rather didn't see, she turned and looked into his eyes and said, "But, I can feel your hands. The warmth of your kisses. How can this be?" Taking her in his arms one last time, he replied, "You are a ghost, my love. Gone now, for many years."


  1. O' so very sad, yet a fabulous love story that transcends time and circumstance. Well done, Karen!