Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Ten: Wals Returns

© Karen A J Rinehart

After hearing what he thinks is thunder, Eedyar comes out of the clothes compartment to investigate. Approaching the ship door, he hesitates as he sees Wals being snatched up and eaten by this huge creature. Nerak stands there in shock, unable to move.

Eedyar decides he has to take action or Nerak will be next. He runs to Nerak and grabs him and heads for the ship, half dragging Nerak. As they enter and shut the door, the Trab turns and with one quick swoosh of his tail, sends the ship bouncing across the planet landing in rocks at the base of the mountain.

"Nerak, are you ok?" Eedyar asks, with no response from Nerak.

Trying to get up, Eedyar realizes that he is trapped under the battered console. Unable to move his legs, Eedyar calls out for Nerak again. "Nerak, I'm trapped. Are you okay?" Hearing only moans from Nerak, Eedyar is relieved that he is at least alive. Trying to get out of his current predicament, Eedyar is relieved to hear Nerak talking.

"Wals, where are you?" Nerak voices his concern.

"Wals isn't in the ship, Nerak. Are you hurt? Can you come and help me?" Eedyar repeats, "I'm trapped!"

"Wals, I must find him," says Nerak.

A bright pink light appears and surrounds Eedyar and he finds himself free of the console. To his surprise he's okay and nothing is broken. Locating Nerak, Eedyar asks, "Nerak, are you okay or not?"

"I am ok. Just hit my head and I can't find Wals."

"Wals isn't here. That large creature ate him," says Eedyar.

"Oh, yes, that's right," answers Nerak. "Those creatures are called Trab."

"I'll be back, I'm going to check out the area. Stay in the ship until I return," states Eedyar.

"No problem," replies Nerak.

Leaving the ship, Eedyar checks for damage and realizes that they have some work ahead of them to ready it. He turns to head back inside when he hears thunder. "Great! We are going to have to deal with a storm." Entering the ship, he finds Nerak right where he left him. "By the sound of the thunder outside, we are in for a pretty bad storm," says Eedyar.

Looking outside through the viewer, Nerak says, "Without a cloud in the sky? I don't think so. We need to get out of here. That is a Trab approaching." Leaving the ship, they hide in the rocks.

Within seconds of them getting to the rocks, the Trab arrives at the ship. Looking around as if searching for Eedyar and Nerak, the Trab turns towards the ship and promptly heats it with his flaming breath.

"Great," whispers Eedyar. "We won't be going in there for awhile."

As the Trab turns to leave, a bright pink light appears and envelops the Trab. Inside, Wals sees the pink light and reaches out and touches it. "How beautiful," states Wals.

The light disappears almost as fast as it appeared. Wals finds himself in the rocks next to Nerak and Eedyar. Nerak grabs Wals and hugs him. Wals begins to squirm and says, "Wals does not like hugs!"

"I am sorry," says Nerak. "I am just so glad to see you after the Trab ate you."

As Eedyar watches the reunion, he mumbles to himself, "With so many different colors, why does my light have to be pink?"


  1. I wonder if the Trab's flaming breath stinks... no matter, he's been drowned in pretty pink!

    What's up with Wals not liking HUGs? Gheesh, who'd want to live without HUGs!

    HUGs to the author..:-)

  2. Oh, but I would love the pink light! Very nice, Karen! I'm sure smiling after reading this and I'm sending you hugs!

  3. OK, since you posted this Part Ten it's now been a week and I know Eedyar would agree with me that Part Eleven should be being posted as I speak!

  4. Good grief! Ok. Part eleven coming soon. Along with part twelve. You'd think you guys were hooked on this or something. :)