Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Twelve: Ygg and Eyak Search for Nerak and Eedyar

©Karen A J Rinehart

Ygg and Eyak bid farewell to the King, Queen and Planet Wee in search of Nerak and Eedyar and head for the Neleh. Entering the Neleh, Ygg asks, "Who's going to be the pilot this time?"

"I think it is my turn," responds Eyak.

"But, I thought you were the pilot last time," whines Ygg.

"I'll race you to the console," says Eyak.

Eyak and Ygg race to the console but they both lose because the Neleh is being piloted by a droid. "Drats," says Eyak. "I forgot. The Neleh is always piloted by a droid."

"Your tough luck, Eyak," laughs Ygg.

"Right. You are the one that chose the Neleh. We could have taken the Amla and one of us could have been the pilot," gripes Eyak. "You just don't know how to pick the ships."

Sitting down at the table, Eyak brings out the spam and spreads them out on the table. Both are looking over the spam and wondering which planet to start their search. "I think we should start with Ostun, Ygg. It is the closest planet to Lala Land."

"No. Too obvious. I think we should begin with this planet. It's a pretty color," says Ygg.

"You don't pick a planet by its color," Eyak says as he rolls his eyes.

"Why would you pick Ostun, then? You know it is just full of trab and the Lalas use it for a prison now," argues Ygg.

"Lets ask the droid to pick the one where we should start," says Eyak. Heading to the console, Ygg and Eyak ask the droid to point to the planet that it thinks they should start with. The droid looks at the spam as if in deep thought and finally points to the planet of its choice. They both look at the spam and can not believe the planet the droid chose. "Why that's Citsym," pouts Ygg. "Why didn't it pick the pretty planet? I want to go to the pretty planet. I am certain that they are there." Ygg continues to whine as Eyak gives orders to the droid.

"Lay in a course for Citsym, droid," says Eyak. "Whining isn't going to get you anywhere, Ygg." Ygg pulls the gift from Queen Terrensya from his pocket and looks at it, presses the button and says, "I am hungry." Looking up from the device, Ygg sees a bright green light and realizes that Eyak has disappeared.

Lednew watches as flames and smoke come from the Thistle. "I can't believe this. What a waste of a good ship. Now, where did that srats get off to? I'm hungry."

Gathering his belongings, Lednew sets out for the post. Hoping to make it before dark. The mountains in the distance prove to him that he won't make it to the post before dark. The post lies just past the mountains. Searching for a place to sleep, Lednew sees a cave. Knowing that he can make it to the cave before dark he heads straight for it.


  1. I'm with Ygg ... go to the pretty planet, hahaha! Tho', I do like the name and what adventures may lie hidden on planet Citsym.

    Where the heck did Eeyak disappear to? UhOh!

    I meant to mention this in Part 11 ... you need some type of transition when you change location. It's a bit confusing to jump from one planet to another without a transition of location explained or even just a divider between locations... such as...


    Then to the next location.

  2. I was wondering about that and how to accomplish it. Thanks. I appreciate your input.

    Oh, I hope it's interesting when they get to planet Citsym. Got lots of ideas. :)

    Jr is very happy that you have commented this evening. Now he can relax. LOL

  3. Hahaha! I thought of Jr. when I commented! I knew he'd be happy!

    You're quite welcome, Karen. You know we're here to help each other..:-)

  4. I'm with Ygg! I want to go to a pretty planet. Of course, I am still waiting for Scotty to beam me up...or anywhere. I always wanted to do that!

    Karen, I cannot wait to see what happens on Citsym! You make me smile with these posts!

  5. I think it would be fun to be able to beam somewhere. Just think, no more traffic.

    I am happy that they make you smile, Dianna. I'm having fun writing them.