Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wee Alien - Part Nine: Trabs

©Karen A J Rinehart

Reaching the ship, a breathless Eedyar greets Nerak. "Morning, Nerak.", says Eedyar as he hurriedly enters the ship, opens a compartment door and steps inside. Nerak watches as he shuts the door behind him. "What are you doing in there, Eedyar? That's a clothes compartment."
"I was sleeping and I awoke with something nibbling on my toes.", whispered Eedyar.
"Did you kill it?", asks Nerak.
"No. I threw it against the cave wall.", said Eedyar.
"The cave wall? You didn't listen to Wals about not going into the caves?", continues Nerak.
"No. I'm not in the habit of taking advice from Srats.", states Eedyar. "Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm very busy...hiding." Leaving the ship, Nerak looks around for Wals. Without a sign of him anywhere, Nerak begins to worry.

Getting tired from searching for food, Wals decides to rest for awhile near some rocks. Thinking he'll be safe, he decides to take a pan. "Wals thinks he is lost. Wals is going to rest before continuing to the ship.", he says aloud.

Lednew arrives to see Count Leoj. "It's about time you got here.", says the Count. "The Adnerb that was carrying Nerak and Eedyar has crashed on an unknown planet, here in the Ynoga system. What do you have to say for yourself?"
"I didn't figure that Wees would know how to fly an adnerb.", says Lednew.
"You told me that they stole the ship, Lednew. Why would you tell me that when it was you that set the ship for the ready?", says Count Leoj.
"I didn't do any such thing. I went to get the spam and upon my return they were gone.", says Lednew.
"Because you made sure that the ship would take off before you got back. I won't stand for this, Lednew. You are my most trusted soldier and you have let me down.", says the Count.
"I did no such thing, Count Leoj.", says Lednew.
"I am placing you under arrest for the attempted redrum of Nerak and Eedyar. You will be sentenced and sent to Ostun for an undetermined amount of tricons. Guards, take him away.", said Count Leoj.
"But....", says Lednew.

King Ahtrab goes to the council for help in locating Neraks missing ship. Ygg and Eyak tell the King that they want to be the ones to find Nerak and Eedyar. King Ahtrab is pleased and helps them to make plans for the search. "Give our regards to Queen Terrensya.", Ygg and Eyak say in unison.

Wals awakens from his pan. Standing he sees something on his leg. A really ugly something. Taking a closer look, it appears to be a dragon like creature with a tongue like a frog. Maroon in color with lime green scales and bulging red eyes. Reaching for it he realizes he has them on both legs, arms, ears and his tail. "Wals has trabs!", cries Wals.

Arriving at the ship, Wals asks Nerak to help him. Nerak sees that Wals is covered with something and asks, "Wals, what are those?"
"They are baby trabs.", states Wals.
"They are ugly little things.", says Nerak.
"Be careful what you say, sire. The adults take offense when criticized."
"Adults?", says Nerak.
"Oh, yes, sire.", says Wals, "Please help me remove them."
"How do I do that?", asks Nerak.
"Carefully, sire.", says Wals. "Grab their tails and gently pull. They won't be able to keep their grip." Nerak takes a hold of one of the ones on Wals' tail. just as he grabs a hold of the baby trabs tail, fire comes out of the mouth and singes Wals' tail. "Be careful! That doesn't grow back!", cries Wals. After removing all the trabs from Wals, the trabs slowly fly off.

Nerak tells Wals that those must be what Eedyar saw when he was in the cave. "Eedyar is hiding in the ship."
"He better hide.", says Wals.
"Is there a problem?", asks Nerak.
"Oh, yes, sire. One never enters the caves on Ostun. That is where...", Wals is interrupted by a very loud noise.
"Sounds like thunder, Wals.", says Nerak.
"No, sire, I don't think it is thunder.", states Wals. Looking up, Wals tells Nerak, "No, sire, that is definitely not thunder." Also, looking up, Nerak says, "What is...." Before Nerak can move, the creature snatches Wals up and promptly swallows him. "Yummmmm!", says the Trab, looking next at Nerak.


  1. Good grief! Poor Wals gobbled up by a Trab!
    (Where does your mind come up with such things..:-)
    And Eedyar darned well better hide, it's he who should have been gobbled up for not heeding the cave warning and causing this crisis! Although, it's making for excellent tale o' Trabs, LOL

    Ostun ... you know I love it that you're NUTso!

  2. Thank you so much for the comments, Ruthi! Yes, I'm afraid I am quite nutso. lol

    I don't know where my brain comes up with such stuff, it's just there. LOL

    Poor Wals, indeed! And, he was my favorite. Trab have to eat too. *smile*

  3. Hmmm... I'm thinkin' this Trab is a Tarb!

  4. You might just have something there. lol

  5. I just found you from Ruthi's bitosunshine. Nice to meet you, and fun writing.