Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wee Alien - Part 13: Lednew meets a Redips

©Karen A J Rinehart

Wanting to work on the ship, Eedyar walks over and touches it to see if it's cooled down after the trab baked it. "Ow," says Eedyar aloud. "The adnerb is still hot. How long before it cools down?" Walking away from the ship and back to the safety of the rocks grumbling, "It will be bicons before it cools down."

Nerak and Wals search for food without much luck, when something catches Nerak's eye. "What was that, Wals?"

"What? Where? I didn't see anything, says Wals.

"Over there by that rock," says Nerak. "It looks like a Srats."

"Can't be," says Wals. "Srats don't live on this planet." It's obvious to Wals that there can't possibly be any other Srats because there doesn't seem to be anything to eat and there certainly isn't any fruit.

"There must be something we can eat somewhere, Wals," says Nerak. Wals just shrugs his shoulders and follows Nerak back to the adnerb. Both are hungry and really dejected because they were unable to find anything.

Arriving at the adnerb, they find Eedyar fast asleep in the rocks. "Wakey, wakey," says Wals as he runs up and down on Eedyar and jumps from a rock right in the middle of his stomach. "What in the ---," says Eedyar almost breathless.

"We are back," says Nerak. "We weren't able to find anything and I became very tired, so we headed back. Any luck with the adnerb?"

"No. Wasn't able to do anything with it. That trab sure baked it good. It's still hot. I wonder what trab tastes like," says Eedyar while listening to his stomach growl.

Lednew is awakened by a unknown noise in the cave. Looking around, he notices a red glow on the walls of the cave with flickers of yellow. "What in tarnation is that?" Noticing movement outside the cave, he gets up to check on it. "You can shut your eyes now. Stupid trab. I've never seen a species so ignorant."

"About time you got here. I wasn't in the mood nor am I in the habit of having to call you. What's with all the trab in the cave?" Boarding the Redips, Lednew complains, "You expect me to ride without gear? If you cause me to fall off, it will be the last of you." The Redips and Lednew head off towards the mountains as Lednew tells the Redips, "Make sure that those Trab don't pull that again next time I sleep in a cave. It's creepy."


  1. There's that wakey, wakey, Wals thing again -- Wals would be the one breathless if he woke me up that way!

    Creepy indeedy! Redips are creepy (as you well know..:-) And by the way, if Rotagilla show up in your land of Wee... I'm headin' for the mountains m'self!

  2. Aw. You'd break Wals heart. Oh, ideas, ideas. Thanks for the rotagilla idea.

    Thank you so much for your comments.

  3. I wouldn't wanna break Wals' heart, but, not bein' a mornin' person, I don't like bein' awakened with a "Wakey, wakey!" start, LOL

    OhNo, I knew I shoulda kept that Rotagilla to m'self!

  4. As it's been said, "Open mouth, insert foot." lol

    But, Wals likes to say, "Wakey, wakey." It's his trademark. lol