Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wee Alien - Part 16: What a Waste of a Good Ship

©Karen A J Rinehart

Abandon ship! Abandon ship! reverberates throughout the Neleh.

Ygg awakens to the sound of alarms going off and sitting up in his sleeping chamber, hits his head on the upper chamber. "What in blazes is that?" he says aloud. Mumbling he gets up and heads for the shutter. Forgetting all about Queen Terrensya, he runs down the corridor to the deck. Still reeling from hitting his head, he walks on deck to find Eyak yelling at the droid.

"That's not the pink button. I said push the pink button. You pushed the red one and now look what you've done. If you had a brain it would be the size of a tang. Oh, you don't have a brain," shouts Eyak.

"Abandon ship! What do you mean abandon ship?" questions Ygg. "Are we really supposed to abandon ship way out here?

"No, says Eyak. "The droid just pushed the wrong button when he was checking the system for landing on Citsym."

"Are we there already?"

"No. Not far now though, says Eyak.

On planet Ostun, Eedyar, Nerak and Wals arrive at the site of the smoke only to find that it is a Thistle on fire. Walking around it and taking a look at it, Eedyar begins to wonder if maybe this ship could get them to Planet Wee.

"Oh, my," says Wals.

"What?", asks Nerak.

"This is a ship from Lala Land. It is used to carry prisoners from there to Planet Ostun. Most prisoners here are serving tricons for a something that Count Leoj deems unimaginable", states Wals.

"Long winded, " says Eedyar "Isn't he?"

"All prisoners must carry a srats to Planet Ostun while on the journey from Lala Land," states Wals. "Once they arrive, the ship and the srats disintegrates, unless the srats is eaten inbound."

"How awful, says Nerak with a tear in his eye.

"Indeed," says Eedyar. "What a waste of a good ship."

"You are an insensitive lout, " states Wals.

"Thank you," says Eedyar. Speaking of meals and srats. I think you would make a great snack before we find our main meal. What do you think Nerak?"

"Oh, leave him alone, Eedyar," says Nerak. "You have no intention of eating Wals. Don't make him feel bad. The little fellow has feelings."

"Do you think this ship could make it to Planet Wee?" asks Eedyar of Wals.

"It's smoking and you have no idea of the damage inside," says Wals.

"Let's take a look," says Eedyar as he walks closer to the Thistle. Remembering the pain in his hand when he touched the adnerb, he touches the side of the Thistle and is quite happy that it isn't hot. Opening the hatch, he finds that the ship hasn't burned inside at all. "What the heck is going on here?" asks Eedyar. "Come look." Nerak and Wals enter the ship and look around. "It isn't burned," says Nerak.

"So, my furry little snack, will it make it to Planet Wee?" says Eedyar.


  1. I agree, Eedyar is an insensitive lout. Furry little snack, oh my!

    Now, why didn't you let Wals answer the question? Sure, hold me in suspense for another week, gheesh!

  2. ps...thank you for snaggin' by badge on my new blog! I've snagged yours and placed it there and yours is my first for that collection..:-)

    Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!

  3. Stoppin' by to say, "Hi!" to Nerak..:-)

  4. I'm with Ray Dee ... it's way past time for you to release this ship!

    Missin' you!!!

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